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Starting Strength or Starting Crossfit?

Hello all!

First I should introduce myself. After wasting much of the past few years trying the various routines detailed in Mens Health and such I decided to try and actually do some real training. Over the last 12 months I have been training on and off due to work commitments (generally 12 weeks of training followed by 12 weeks of sedentary lifestyle). This has given me the opportunity to sample various different routines on the web, including Crossfit. I was discouraged when a few workouts came up that I didn't have the equipment for and so I moved on to other things (not the point of Crossfit as I've come to realise).

It is now clear that Crossfit is the way ahead. Hence my registration on the forums and subscription to the Journal. I've already started working my way through the extensive Level 1 Guide that contains plenty of valuable information and started to take in the information in the forums.

To aid my request for advice I have a few figures:
Recent Bench Press: 67.5kg for 5 reps (working to max effort)
Recent Squat: 80kg for 5 reps (working to max effort)
Recent Pull-Ups: 12 in first set (working 3 x max reps)

I weigh approx 80kg and measure 6'2. Fairly slim frame.

My goals for the coming year are as follows:
1. Get 1.5mi time under 10mins (previous best is 10min20s)
2. Move to 'Intermediate' category in the powerlifting category level
3. Run a Marathon in October (I have previously run 2 x half-marathons in approx 1hr50m (each) and a 40mi walk/run through hills in 8hr15m).

My question is, based on my current standards, would it be best to start off with a Starting Strength programme (I have just got hold of my first copy) or jump straight in with a scaled WOD programme? I intend to add CFE into whichever programme I go with.

Many thanks in advance for all of your help!

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