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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Tuesday morning and thought i was going to have a heart attack this morning i forgot to put the volume on my phone to the lowest level. So when it rang it **** the life out of me. Apart from that a little tired as usual but both of us are in a good mood.

Plan for today - Tabata

Warm up
One of us on the rower at a comfortable pace while the other completes

2 rounds of
jog 4 lengths of gym
5 slow air squats

Some PVC work for 1min. rotate and do it all again. Then some general stretching.

So i put 12 different movments on the wipe board then i told the wife to choose one to start with. Once the we completed the first one i chose the second one and so on and so on. 4min rest between each tabata.

wife - 392 su
myself - 238 du

Air squats
Wife - 86
Myself - 95

Wife - 755
Myself - 855

Push ups
Wife - 66
Myself - 59

Wall balls 4/9kgs + T2B/K2C alternate
Wife - 78
Myself - 58 (unsure as i lost count, could have been 62)

So i started strong and the wife finished strong. The start was tough with the rope and they sent the tone for the rest of the workout. Apart from that a good general workout. I was totally fckd on the final one and also lost cost in the middle.

Cool down
talk and stretch for around 20min.
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.
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