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Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)

Monday morning and had a new character walking around the kitchen this morning... scareface... that was some pillow mark on the wifes face this morning so of course i had to make fun of her... Not as tired this morning and maybe this was due to the fact that we did not do that much over the weekend. We had a good chance to rest our bodies. We did not eat allot of candy at all, just a couple of pieces which i also think made a difference.

So the plan for today was C&J technique for 30min which turned out to be 50min and something to finish it all off at the end.

Warm up
PVC pipe stretching but not taking it to far. Then allot of other small movements building up mobility and stability in the upper body. Some light deadlifts, hang power cleans, front squats, S2O and other barbell work to make sure we were ready. In all we spent 20min just on this part.

C&J Technique
There was a limitation on the weight to be used today, 60kg for myself and 25kgs for the wife. Now the reason for this was that the weight is not too light nor to heavy to be able to repeat the lifts and make them all comparable. It also meant that we did not get tired during the whole time.

We started to lift and get the feeling for it and then we started to focus on the technique and look at what was actually going on. During the 50min we completed at most 25 lifts..

So once we were comfortable we filmed each other then we took a look at the films. prior to actually looking we had to say weather the lift felt good on not and what what not good. So that analysis was used vs the video. We use the Iron Path app to see what happened.

So the wife from the start - the path of the bar was not that vertical from the start and she was slow during the jerk. What we noticed was that she leaned back a touch as if to deadlift which also pulled her shoulders behind the bar which in the end gave her a wonky barbell path.
Fix - l told her to lift her backside a little, her shoulders moved over the bar and bingo, the lift was so much better. During the split jerk she worked on really getting under the bar and not overdoing it when driving her legs apart.
Reaction - she thought everything went in slow motion even if the lift was good, but when i showed her the video she then realised that she was really fast and so stable. Then she just kept trying to repeat the lift. Her final 2 or 3 lifts were really good and i was able to film the last lift which she felt was one of the best today.

For myself - my problem has been getting under the bar during the jerk. I have not been consistant which is slowing my progression down. I notiticed i was leaning a little backwards and not driving my head through my arms. this may also be a safety thing in the back of my head, making my escape plan easier if i need to bail out.
Fix - I really concentrated on my start position and first pull. I got under the bar very easy, not due to the fact that it was only 60kgs, but that i worked on speed under the bar. At the top i made sure that i kept my chest up and head up and really worked on getting under the bar. An explosive jerk, drive the feet out and get under the bar in that stable position.
Reaction - really pleased with the progression. Clear difference in between the first video and the last 2 we filmed. The path of the barbell was great from start to finish and my head was through my arms. 60kgs has never felt so light before.

Finish it all off
1 length of gym (15m), KB Farmers walk - one arm OH 12/24kgs
2 Burpees
1 length of gym (15m),
2 Push ups
2 Sit ups

After each round we increase the burpees, push ups and sit-ups by 2 reps.

Wife - 108 reps
Myself - 113 reps

Cool down
a good stretch for 20min and a lot of talking.

A good start to the week
Better than today, stronger than tomorrow.

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