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Re: 3 position snatch

Originally Posted by Nick Curren View Post
This was part of TOLW programming. My head seems to stick out kinda far forward at the bottom position. Other advice would be appreciated.

WFS/SFW or whatever the safe for work thing is
Form looks good overall. Your head is sticking "out" at the bottom because your torso is inclined forward--your torso angle is about where it should be in a back squat. It looks like you're maintaining a neutral spine, which is good, and your shoulder positioning and mobility looks good, so you're able to keep the bar overhead and stable despite the non-vertical torso. Working on a more upright torso could certainly help your snatch though. Looks to me like the major culprits are:
1) long femurs - not much you can do about this specifically--wider stance can help, but don't wanna too wide in the O-lifts
2) lack of ankle dorsiflexion - hammer that calf/ankle/foot mobility, it'll likely make a big difference

You also might just need to get more comfortable with an upright torso. Lots of overhead squats and drop snatches can help this. Think about dropping your *** right between your ankles.

Good work.
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