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Re: 14.3 funny thinking about it

As someone who strained my lower back a year and a half ago doing high rep deadlifts with poor form, I'm going to take this slow concentrating on good form every rep. I know from experience how easily this workout can go south with poor form so I will pace the dead lifts. Once I get to 225lbs I will probably do every deadlift one at a time, I wont try to string them together. Lift it up, drop it, reset, butt down, back straight, lift, drop. Slow and steady wont win this race but at least I will still be able to play with my kids the next day.

On a side note, I think many people, myself included, will do step ups instead of box jumps. They are allowed and will help us average crossfitter go at a more steady pace without wearing ourselves out.
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