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I'm still a Crossfit beginner, but I do know a bit about the trades. You do need to understand that, given current OSHA regulation, you will only rarely need to lift/carry more than 50 pounds, almost never more than 80 lbs. I don't believe that your back is any more likely to be injured doing construction than doing a desk job. My advice would be to dig in and get started. Get in touch with your local carpenters (or whichever trade you decide on) union. They will be very happy to get you started on the apprenticeship process. Don't be surprised if they tell you that some formal technical training is required before they take you into an apprenticeship program. They use this as a kind of screening process to prove that you are committed. Just follow their instructions and you should be fine. The important thing is to get started.

Incidentally, I don't believe that you will find bricklaying to be particularly taxing for your back compared to other trades. Its not like you need to lift a whole pallet of bricks or blocks. In fact, I would say that plumbing/pipefitting probably is more physically demanding than masonry work. Wrestling a 20' length of 4" iron pipe can put you into a lot of awkward positions if you are not careful. The "normal" shape of bricks/blocks makes handling them easier.
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