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Hi everyone. First, a bit about myself. I herniated a disc in my back (L5-S1) many a year ago on a footpress sled and have been dealing with chronic pain ever since. Self-supervised exercise, including some of the lifts introduced to me on this site, has been the best therapy I've experienced so far.

Anyway, I've been considering getting into the trades. I like the idea of working outside, using my hands and being able to see my work serving a purpose. But there's always the looming threat of my back getting in the way, especially since most apprentices are given most of the labour. Or so I've been told.

And so I've designed a 'work day' circuit for myself. The goal is 1) to strengthen my core, and 2) see if I can take 8 hours of resistance work and light cardio without my back giving out.

There are many variables. How bad is my back? Well I can't sit down for longer than 2 minutes without experiencing acute pain in my lower back. Sometimes bending can aggrivate it and cause some lingering inflammation. That's about it. And the trade I want to get into, specifically, is carpentry. If there are any carpenters reading this, your input would be appreciated. Obviously I would try and avoid the more labour intensive trades such as bricklaying.

So, without further talk, here's the circuit.

Eight Hour Circuit:

Every hour five of the below exercises must be performed, with 3 minutes of light cardio afterwards. Downtime may be used at leisure. Exercises may be broken up at leisure.

The exercises are selected from the list below at random. 2 dice may be used to correspond to the exercise numbers on the left.

2-3 = 10 reps deadlift, 150 lbs.
4-5 = Two handed farmer walk for a minute, 25 lb dumbbells.
6-7 = One handed waiter walk for a minute each arm, 15 lbs.
8 = One minute plank, one minute superman, 50 crunches.
9 = 25 overhead squats, 60 lbs.
10 = 5 reps clean and press, hold for five seconds at top, 100 lbs.
11 = 25 sumo deadlifts, 60 lbs.
12 = 10 chin-ups, 5 second hang time on bottom and top. 20 grip squeezes each hand with random pauses.

I have a few questions for those more wise than I. Firstly, will these low intensity, high volume exercises diminish my ability to generate maximum as well as explosive power? Secondly, would keeping up this pace for eight hours, however moderate, affect the way my body stores fat? And lastly, to any of you in the trades, would this routeine be practical in any way for preparing me for apprenticeship?
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