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Re: Rachel's workout log

Originally Posted by Greg Privitera View Post

congrats, that's awesome.
Thanks Greg!!! I have NEVER been so excited about a workout accomplishment in my life!

Run 5k

This was definitely not my favorite wod. I ran with Mike was great to have a running buddy, but it's tough to weave in and out of traffic, stop at stoplights, try not to get lost, etc. :-) I didn't time it exactly, but it was probably around a 10 minute mile. Hopefully this will get better, since I was down to at least a 9-9:15 minute mile last fall.

HOWEVER, on a supercalifragilisticexpialadocious note...I DID 2 KIPPING PULLUPS TODAY UNASSISTED!

Today is my 2 month anniversary with Crossfit, and I finally did a pull up. WOOHOO!
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