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Re: Rachel's workout log

Originally Posted by Greg Privitera View Post
Congrats on tackling the fifty.
Thanks Greg It wasn't pretty, but I did it.

33 walking lunges
21 pullups
7 ab wheel rollouts
33 walking lunges
18 pullups
6 ab rollouts
33 walking lunges
15 pullups
5 ab rollouts
33 walking lunges
12 pullups
4 ab rollouts
33 walking lunges
9 pullups
3 ab rollouts
33 walking lunges
6 pullups
2 ab rollouts

Time: 20:33 - Erin had given us a 30 minute cap. Was proud that I didn't need it.

1. There were a ton of people in this class, and limited stations for assisted ab I tried to do ab rollouts unassisted. I was able to do 4 in the first round, then needed to go back to double purple band assisted for the rest of them. I would have sacrificed a lot of form and probably injured myself if I kept trying unassisted.
2. The pullups were all done with purple band (foot.) These felt pretty easy the entire time. BUT, I do not have a dead hang pullup yet. So, I will just have to keep working so I can start to get rid of the purple band!
3. I really liked this workout for some reason.
4. I learned that pullups on the bar with the smaller diameter are easier than the original pullup bar, which is wider.
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