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Re: How maany times a week to train?

Originally Posted by Jeremy Maddox View Post

um...i think perhaps the irony in louie's quote may have been's really saying the same thing, just louie's way is more clever....
While there is, obviously, an element of factitiousness in Louie's quote, I think he did mean it that way. It obviously sticks in your brain, which achieves part of the intended goal. The other aspect is to get people to think of what resting really means. As I have found from both my own research and from joining a rugby team that is much more professional than any other team I've ever been on, rest doesn't just mean sitting on the coach in front of the TV. Ice-baths, foam-rolling, active rest (a light jog or playing a pick-up game with your friends), fish oil, sound sleep, etc. all help in aiding the body to "rest." I now do some sort of training 7 days a week, 2x a day for 2 or 3 of those days. Even with that, I am not over trained. My weight and cardio sessions aren't over an hour. The only things that are any longer length of time are practice and games. We have good coaches who mix up the practices, so they aren't adversely affecting our performance. We must be doing something right as RugbyMag ranked us as the best overall club in the country this year.
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