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Re: chrissey's CFCC log


lifted for about 3 hours with erin.
snatched up to 35kg, with a few fails and a few set of pulls. still struggling with my arms and getting under and getting the right cues.

better day for my clean - 35x2 - 40x2 - 45x2 - 50x1/20s/x1 - 53x1/20s/x1 - 56x1 - 59x1 (real easy and a PR) - then three misses at 60kg...just couldn't keep it racked. for some reason watching youngblood clean yesterday made the arms click for me - "so you literally just keep them straight until then...i see." wtf.

then back squatted:
55kgx3 - 64x3 - 73x3 - 80x3 - 86x2 - 94x2 - 97x1. i had meant to stop with a single at 94 but i screwed something up in my progression - so i squatted my max.


long metcon with the rest of the group.

10 - 9 - . . . 1.
55lb sumo deadlift high pulls
push ups
55lb squat snatch (i did power snatch after the first 3 or 4 reps)
pull ups
american kettlebell swings (1 pood)

26:36. felt surprisingly good at this - good pacing and not a lot of rest. wish i'd sucked it up and squat snatched, but whatever.

then amazing columbian food at brunch afterwards. most delicious meal ever.
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