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Re: chrissey's CFCC log

Originally Posted by Erin Davidson View Post
I'd also, crazy I know - make sure you're getting carbs in in the daytime... With an occasional spike of them on the weekends.
also on my grocery list: 3-4 sweet potatoes every week. don't you worry.

6/26 - rest.

6/27 - guest starred at the 6am. drills with the agility ladder - i bet i'd get a lot more coordinated real quick if i did this kind of thing more frequently.

single leg deadlifts, 5x5 on each leg. had never done these before, so i started light and started on my dominant leg. 45 - 75 - 95 - 125 (x5 on dominant L leg, x3 and then x2 on weaker R leg) - 135 (x5 L, x2 + x3 on R). had to break up the right leg sets on the last two not so much because of strength but because i regripped the bar rather than touch & go.

metcon: 5 rounds for time, 10 wallballs (20/14) - 10 turn around/up and over box jumps (24/20). 5:24 as RX'ed. first three sets of wallballs unbroken - i hate to say it but i think i might be getting better at these.

back tonight for gymnastics skillwork.
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