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Re: chrissey's CFCC log


goat work. 100 DUs for sets. could NOT get a rhythm - at all - and aside from my first two sets of 11 and 10, could not string together more than 4 or 5 the rest of the time. i need to adjust the length of my rope maybe. or cut off the long tail. 33 painful and frustrating sets. FML.

couple pistols with wall assist at the bottom, couple freestanding handstands.


snatch - FINALLY starting to squat snatch. high volume night again - 28 total reps, first 15 at 53lbs, then a couple doubles at 29kg and 32kg before finishing with 5 singles at 35kg. still not heavy but at least putting some weight on the bar.

clean & jerk - since i only did 7 reps yesterday.

40x2 - 45x2 (failed the first clean...uh wut) - 45x1 - 48x2 - 51x1 - 51x1 - 53x1 - 55x1, then back down to 45 for a few doubles to focus on my jerk.

front squat
40x3 - 53x3 - 58x3 - 63x3 - 68x3 - 73x2 - 77x2 - 81x1 (PR) - 84F.

went real low and bounced 84 out of the bottom before getting stuck. 81kg is an 8.5lb PR over my prior max of 170lbs/77ish kg - which i took for a double. 81 felt REAL easy too - this was a good night.
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