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Re: Is this stupid?

Originally Posted by Shawn M Wilson View Post
I agree with Brendan on the shorter metcons.

I prefer also some OMEM at like 80-85% for 8 mins.

I have even gone for 15 - 18 mins mixing stuff up.

back squat 85% for 1 rep
Next min 30 DU

So was 9 reps of 385 BS and 270 DU

Also did an 8 min
3 snatch @ 80% every min

Have replaced with cleans and DL also

Can do 30 on 30 off row sprints and more.

Heck 8 rounds of 85-90% 100 m sprints will smoke you in that moment but not for a whole day.

Good luck and keep it up.
Thanks for the info Shawn! I haven't done rounds of 100m sprints in a few months, killer!

I do like the EMOM stuff and OMEM as well. I'll have to incorporate that. The long metcons leave me too drained. I'll be keeping it shorter/medium and throw in what you've mentioned. Thanks!
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