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Re: Is this stupid?

Originally Posted by Brendan McNamar View Post
First of all in general "not stupid". You are light for you height if you want to be a strength athlete and generally not skinny. So a mass building program seems reasonable. Before you worry about met-cons and recovery make sure you are eating a lot and sleeping a lot.

The programming of the met-cons will also have a lot to do with it. As painful as a full speed Fran is it really isn't that hard on your system. As length, reps and weight go up it takes longer to recover. Stick to shorter met-cons with medium to light weights, not too many reps of 1 movement and you should be fine.
Sounds good. Thanks for the tips. The metcon we did Monday was a partner Wod: 30 pull ups, 30 ground to overhead (95), 30 goblet squats, 30 donkey kicks, 30 T2B for 3 rounds. While one partner is working the other partner has to be in a static hold (plank, wall sit, squat, etc.) It was a long one and I definitely have some lingering soreness. I'll be sure to keep the metcons shorter going forward so that I'm not too drained. The last thing is my sleep, I average 6 hours a night, I know it's super important I'm usually doing something from waking at 5:30 am till 10pm or so and then I debate on going to bed or having time with my wife and I've decided I need time with her over an extra hour of sleep. I'll hopefully be able to squeeze in a nap during my lunch to get an additional 30/45 minutes. Thanks again.
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