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Re: 2014 45-49 Fittest on the Planet goal

Wed- warm up shoulder, rehab, class warm up.

Kind of changed around Nancy-
4 rounds
500 meter row
15 power snatches 95#
Then wanted to find out fatigued what 135# felt like did that for about 2 min then up to 165 for 3 min or so worth of power snatches about 5 per min pace.

Getting on the rower after doing power snatches was a shock to say the least.

Good training for sure.

Jumped in with Kyle to do some mid line work.. ugh..
10 dl 235#
2 legless rope climbs
20 ghd..

Did first round in under 2 min. Then took my time on the 2nd round wanting to push him to finish the workout.

Did not have much time between workouts.

Finished up my 2800 meters rowing. Some back rehab and some posterior work.

Long day at the gym 3 hours..

I've been sending notes of appreciation to the members. Straight from the heart.. been getting hugs from them. So rewarding to see the progress in them and myself becoming more available and attentive.
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