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Thumbs down Does Exercise Really Keep Us Healthy?

Anyone else read this article of the same name as this post by Gina Kolata in the New York Times?

Family and Work Safe:

Does Exercise Really Keep Us Healthy?

While I get her point about diet playing the larger part in weight loss -- the rest of it pretty much befuddles me, especially the part about exercise not playing a role in increasing bone strength / staving off osteoporosis. I'm studying for my CSCS and without going back to the "Essentials" text right now, I'm pretty certain I read pretty much the opposite there and that the text cited scholarly research. On top of that, she's citing "the science" to back up her claims but what science?

Anyways, all I can think of is all of those couch potatoes out there who skimmed this and went "Hunh - I guess it's ok if I just sit here watching the toob."


What do you all think about it?
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