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Re: Gain Or Lose?

Originally Posted by Craig Bravman View Post
Any ideas on diet style... Zone with extra fat to gain, eat like a bodybuilder?
Depends on your goals, if you just wanna get strong and dont care about adding fat, then take a look at GOMAD diet and just shove food in your mouth day after day.

But if you want slow progress, without too much extra fat, be smart and be patient. If you want to be "scientific" about it, get a body fat caliper and pay attention to how your body composition changes and adjust dieting. This is a long larning process but it will only do you good on the long run - learning to know your body is one of the best investment for the future.

And also dont get discouraged once your newbie gains stop, they will at one point, this is completely normal as adding 5lbs to the bar weekly will no longer be possible. Be aware of this and adjust programming once you get there.
Originally Posted by Rick Scarpulla
Toughness is a state of mind not a size.
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