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Re: CrossFitters vs Decathletes

This debate is really apples and oranges...

Elite Decathleters have been around for a VERY long time. Elite Crossfitters...we still haven't established where the TOP LEVEL is IMO.

It's like saying how would the strongest high schoolers (CF'ers) in America compete against the strongest college students (Deca's)...There's a larger more watered down level of fitness in high school athletes, and a much more polished group of athletes in the college ranks.

Why would you pit an established sport's best against a VERY NEW sport's best. This is year 4 of the CF Games...

If you put what Eric, Steven, Shane, and some others have been saying together you wind up with this.

As the CF Games mature and the $$ increases to drive people to train for the CF Games, we will see better and better athletes start to CHOOSE CF as a sport.

A lot of the top CF'ers are like some of the MMA guys...they come from other sports like football and take up another sport they can still compete at, after they can no longer compete on the field... When the level of competition in CF rises to the level of the guys that could STILL be competing on the field, then you can start pitting CF'ers vs Deca's.
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