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Re: CrossFitters vs Decathletes

Originally Posted by Shane Skowron View Post
Not sure about Mikko, but I remember around the 2007 Games both OPT and Speal had 5:00 listed in their stats for the mile.

It's a shame the Games athlete profiles don't list the mile or any distance runs anymore. Sort of sends the message that it's not even important.
Agree on the mile time. I also don't think they ask for any rowing PRs.

I would expect that Spealler improved significantly from 2007. If you look at the numbers, every individual has improved substantially on the lifts each year. I'd expect their pure cardio times are improving as well.

By the way, I bet a lot of these debates could be settled pretty easily. Has anyone really tried getting in touch with a high level decathlete or soccer/basketball/football/rugby player or mixed martial artist? I bet it's not that hard nowadays, especially for the decathlete. Maybe we could convince one to workout at an affiliate and do a few workouts.

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