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Re: Justin McGinley - I want to be a Monster

Originally Posted by Dave Coughlin View Post
Are you running POSE style, your "normal" style, or somewhere in between? I've heard it's pretty tough NOT to run any other way but POSE in the VFFs, so inquiring minds would like to know. I'm also considering buying a pair of VFFs, but I haven't heard too many other bigger guys say anything about them (I'm about 230).

Good job on pulling the trigger for the running clinic, also
I'm only 180, so I can't speak for the bigger guys.

I run as close to POSE as I can. I still need to pull faster, and I have a tendency to lean forward at my waist a little. I thought I had been running with good form until I saw my "before" video at the clinic. My form is much, much better now, and I can't recommend getting coached on form enough. You can read the book, watch the DVD, and do all of the drills and still run wrong. I plan on going to another clinic in a few months to improve my form more. The clinic I went to was only $80, and completely worth it.

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