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Re: 2017 CrossFit Open, Regionals and Games Thread

The #1 they better get right is people able to post their scores. If that fails it will be chaos.

I think the problem is the CF HQ still acts like it just a bunch of guys making it up as they go along. Probably someone's brother's cousin's drinking buddy did the web page...and I'm not kidding. "Hey, anyone know anyone that does web pages? Oh ya, how much do they charge? What? a $1000?? I know a kid that will do it for free! But he did screw it up a few seasons ago...remember when the scores couldn't be submitted in the first workout was stretched out for three weeks? ya, that was jacked. Ok, so we'll pay someone this time. Anyone know anyone cheap? Oh ya? Is he any good? You have no idea but you'll ask... Ok, sounds good, we'll go with that."

And here we are.
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