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Good points.
No I do not intend on putting these challenges out there as a "can you keep up with me" challenge.
Mt intention is to motivate and set off a spark amongst some folks who have the potential to reach a much higher level of fitness than they currently are.
I intend to post the challenges on the gym wall and hopefully people will see them as something to really aspire towards. If someone completes all of them within 7 days of one another the gym has offered up a free t-shrt. Most people who train there will see these as impossible but some will definately be turned on.

I want the challenges to be difficult. Hopefully people will put the time in and train for this type of fitness as opposed to being "one trick pony's" so to speak. And yes I could have mentioned there is also a series of progressions to the final list that I previously posted. It will be divided into gold, silver and bronze categories or at least something along those lines. There will be no rewards for the silver and bronze standards though.

The reason there is no oly component is simply due to the technical involvement with the lifts; plus no oly bars. I would love to include kettlebells but I have never even seen one in this province so forget the gym I work in.

There a couple of guys and girls who are currently going to be very close to getting a lot of these completed. For these folks I am merely hoping to motivate them to jump to the next level. For the rest, I think that the lack of "all around" fitness will halt them from getting through it.
THe way I see it is that, if I can do this stuff then most other people also have the ability to train themselves to be able to do it as well. I am by no means genetically gifted and do not consider myslef to be in phenominal shape(crossfit is helping though). In saying that I will not personally be involved with the competition. My name may be attached as the organizer but that will be about it. As it stands right now I have at some point in the last 8 weeks completed everything but the L sit. My last attempt wasw 32 seconds. I have not attempted the entire list within seven days. I will definately be plugging away at it on my own though.
If anyone else feels like knocking this stuff off pleae do....and please let me know about it. I am curious to see how crossfitters will get along with it.
I have not finalized the list yet and I am still open for suggestions.

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