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Brad: These seem like a pretty fine set of challenges to represent all around fitness, and, with no Olympic lifting of KB work, no one's going to be able to complain about it requiring too much technique. It'd would be nice to include something more purely explosive (like Oly lifting), though.

Do you envision putting this out there as a near-term challenge? ("Who can stay with me?") Or more as setting these out there as middle- and long-term goals to shoot for? ("Who can build up to these goals over 3 - 6 months?")

I'm going to completely embarass myself when I say this, but those might be too hard . . . certainly, they are too hard for most "untrained" (i.e., not CrossFit-trained) folks.

Actually, what I'm trying to avoid admitting is that I would really struggle with all of them.

5K under 20 minutes . . . well, maybe. That would be a very good time for me, but I might be able to do it.

2K row under 7 minutes, well, that's a 1:45 for 500 m, 4 times in a row . . . out of my reach right now (maybe could do 7:20 or 7:30, but I'd be sucking wind something fierce)

20 pullups (in a row, no drop off, I assume) . . . NOT (I'm about 14 - 16 on good day)

60 pushups (again, out of my reach right now)

45-second L-hold . . . I'm up to about 20.

So, if you want to show people something about how great you are compared to them (I'm assuming you can do them all?), these will do the trick . . . there won't be many (any?) non-CrossFitters who can do them with you. A few who want what you've got may decide to try to train like you, but most will just say "it's too hard" and walk away.

If you put them out there as targets to be reached with diligent work, it may get more of them motivated. To enhance that, you might need to give them progressions on each one . . . intermediate stages to work for on each challenge.

Good luck!
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