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Eric Moffit
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this thought has crossed my mind as well. however, i was thinking more along the lines of a CrossFit competition. something like the Annual CrossFit Championship at CF North or even like the Painstorms. basically, anyone who wants to shows up and competes in a head-on-head, WOD-style workout. as for the style of each competition (maybe held monthly), chippers would work great or maybe grinders. a strongman-style or max lift one might work well, too. oh, and no one can know what the workout will be beforehand. everyone finds out when they get there.

an example might be:

standing long jumps for a total distance of 100ft
80 pushups
sandbag drag 100ft
40 sandbag thrusters
bear crawl 100ft
40 pullups
crab walk 100ft
80 situps
run 100ft

something like that. any movement is fair game and it can be quick like a sprint or a long, painful beast of a workout. great equipment isnt necessary, either, as long as youre creative.

the only problem is i think i would scare people away. oh well, i think ill run this by my boss again today.
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