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I work at a gym that is pretty much the "anti-crossfit" gym. Not to say that the employees and owners wouldn't think that the program rocks. I think that they just find that there seems to be more revenue with the 3000 square feet of machines type facility. It is part of a chain: there are no squat racks, no bench and definately no olympic bars. I am continually subbing exercises for the WOD's and often I do my workouts with some buddy's at a nearby army base, outdoors or at another gym.
THere are quite a few of athletes who train at this gym and they just all seem to be stuck on the old two and three day split routines. I am always talking to people about changing their programs to more suit there needs and even mention crossfit to those who I think would actually understand(accept) the concepts behind it. I have had limited success. I have trained alot of the guys and have thrown in many crossfit type workouts. Everyone has loved them. I tell them to check out the site but before I know it they are back to their old routines. I do the WOD almost daily. Last night someone told me that I use my legs too much when I do pull ups. I just finished a set of 30. Instead of trying to explain the theory of kipping vs strict pull ups I suggested that he try to match my set in any style of pull up that he could muster. His response was to walk away in the other direction.
......Wow, this is a long point is this, I want to set up a fitness challenge at my gym. I am thinkig about the following challenges to represent all around fitness:

Men(no age or weight categories)
All challenges must be completed within 7 days of one another.
5k run in under 20 minutes
2000 meter row in under 7 minutes
20 pull ups with any grip
60 push ups(chest must touch tennis ball and elbows must fully extend on the up phase)
45 second L-hold

5k run in under 22 mins
8 minute 2000 meter row
35 push ups (elbows bend just past 90 degrees)
12 strict pull ups any grip
20 second l-hold

What do people think?
Is it too easy? Are both genders going to be challenged well or should I think about some serious changes?

THanks for all of your guys info.
It is some of the best out there.
Hopefully this will get the crossfit ball rolling.
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