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Veronica - perhaps you misunderstood my comment. I finished my post with a discussion about the high potential for unconsciousness especially if you pressurize your lungs. I talked about the discomfort you have to push through as well and thus asked at the end "Hmmm...why are we doing this again?" Wondering aloud why we put ourselves through such torture.

It sounded from your return as if you thought I was wondering if you hadn't paid attention to the posts the first time through. That you can hold weight over your head in a full squat gives me nothing but respect for you and I did not for a moment make that comment in a pejoritive sense.

I will repeat myself as often as someone asks for the two or three pieces of information I know about and will never snipe at anybody for asking a question. So don't go getting your panties all in a knot for gosh sakes.

The nerve of some people.
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