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sinus infections are for pussies...haha, just kidding. i know how much that sucks...the pressure at depth is just unbearable. results...

well, i didnt have time to complete the whole 20 (my pool is only open an hour at night and i got there late and needed to do some other practice, blah blah blah) but i got 10x25y w/o fins in 8 minutes. i would brag that i was on pace to beat you, but i didnt do the full 20 so i wont. i did notice that i got more comfortable as i went. i dont know if thats my body adjusting or what, but it was noticeable.

also, you said you were taking ~:30 from wall to wall...i was taking ~:20...what gives?? what is your style underwater? i was basically doing an underwater pullout (as in breaststroke) followed by successive 'first stroke' know...that first one you do completely underwater...and at the end of the kick i would add a bit of a dolphin kick. that put me at right around :20 per length. i guess it could be that i weigh more and carry more momentum underwater, but i just cant believe im :10 faster than you at a 25.

i think im gonna do the complete version on our next rest day, so you better watch out!! your record will be broken!!! THE FIGHT...WILL...CONTINUUUE!!!

EDIT: almost forgot...i tried one of my 10 25s as kick SUCKED. needless to say, i only did one kick only. also, i was swimming at a depth of about 3ft, which, i might add, is more difficult than if id done it at 6 or more feet deep like you...touche!
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