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Matt Gagliardi
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Oh come on, I'm hardly taking over...

Sorry, I don't know Randy, though I do know of him. I don't think that we had any of his guys at Pep when I was there. The only coach I really knew from the San Diego area was a guy by the name of Robin who was my goalie coach at OTC development camp...he coached at Valhalla HS in El Cajon. We didn't draw many guys from San Diego back in the day. I think Chris Hakim and his brothers from San Clemente were probably the guys from furthest south.

I'll definitely post up...I'll get to this early this week and let you know how it goes.

And all of y'all know I'm not calling you pussies (or you should know that)...I don't want to get my *** kicked. :wink:
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