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Richard Owen
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If you can perform the following workout in under 5 minutes then you are in better shape than several Professional MMA fighters that are currently at national (pay-per-view) level.

The workout:
5 cycles: 10 power cleans 135lbs + 15 pushups

Thats a total of 50 power cleans and 75 pushups in under 5 minutes.

I train at a serious MMA Academy that is home to several top ranked Pro's. IF you know MMA at all, then you'd know at least one or two of these names.
Having given several of our Pro's this workout and none of them able to beat 5 minutes, I would love to see who on this board can beat the magic number. This simple challenge has dogged some serious bad-asses.
Please post and let me know your times. I've told our Pros that I believe there are folks on this board (just regular folks) who can beat 5 minutes. They don't believe me and I think a serious "Crossfit Conversion Opportunity" is in the air.

Appologies to all for not being able to show them myself, but I'm working on it.

The best time I have on record from our gym is 5:50.
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