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Re: Juicing your fruits and vegetables.

Originally Posted by Jason Peacock View Post
You shouldn't need anything on top of strict paleo. Are you getting enough fats in your diet? With a good paleo diet, you should be able to seamlessly introduce intermittent fasting and easily do 16-24hrs of fasting w/o a drop in energy level.
Jason, I am new to this crossfit and paleo stuff, so by enough fats do you mean fish, and almonds types of fats?

In my first post I meant juicing and blending is part of my paleo diet, not so much as an addition to it. Veggies not vegies, LOL, I rarely ate them so I could not spell them correctly either! Why do you have to fast with paleo diet? I am trying to gain weight so would intermittent fasting be a good idea still? Thanks
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