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Re: Juicing your fruits and vegetables.

The other hidden problem with juicing is that you end up eating much more than you would if you had to chew it.

Think about how many oranges go into orange juice. You wouldn't sit down and eat 8 oranges in one sitting, would you?

Also, in drinking food, you can physically consume much more calories much faster than if you chewed it and gave your body a change to trigger satiety and stop you when full.

So...if you're in a hurry/need convenience, you can take what you would normally eat and blend it. But otherwise I'm against juicing, there's no positive to it other than the laziness of not chewing.

(unless you're trying to gain mass rapidly, then sometimes you have to use shakes to trick your body into consuming much more calories than normal)

Just eat real food, not babyfood.
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