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Upset Stomach after Workouts

I've changed my routine so that I hit the gym at lunch. I eat a fabulous egg/sausage mixture about an hour and a half before I work out, and then throw back a Myoplex Lite in almond milk almost immediately after.

About 30 minutes to an hour after the drink, I get ravenous for lunch. Unfortunately, when I sit down to eat, the sight of food turns me completely off. My stomach gets upset and have to force the food down a nibble at a time. Once I start eating, the feeling goes away a little, but not completely.

Any idea why I might feel hungry and then grossed out all at the same time? I've checked google, which has been no help. I'm well hydrated, blood sugar should be okay. I naturally have low blood pressure; would that make a difference? Would it be a vitamin issue?

Obviously, I'm new. Any advice/tips would be greatly appreciated!!
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