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Ryan Abbott 12-26-2005 12:26 PM

With all of the brouhaha over the Times article on CrossFit I started to wonder where people here get their news.

I personally read the Times, the local paper, listen to NPR and subscribe to The Weekly Standard.

Matt Gagliardi 12-26-2005 12:49 PM

I typically browse several newspapers on-line every day, generally from towns I've lived in. I also try at least once a week to hit e-papers from other parts of the world...Europe, the Middle East, etc. I do listen to NPR and BBC World Report as well.

I very rarely watch much "news" on TV, unless some big event has occured and they are able to bring me updates faster than the e-papers.

Even as a "conservative" I absolutely loathe Fox News. I believe it should actually be known as "Fox Opinion". I despise the partisan slant that they always seem to take...I guess I'm a patsy, but even if my other sources are injecting opinion at least they're doing it in a more subtle manner. I really hate Fox's penchant for beating me over the head with partisanship. I can read what's obviously a left-slanted article without suddenly becoming "converted" fact, I rather like challenging my own beliefs with those of folks who are clearly on the other side of the issue.

I guess I feel that trying to pick up my news/opinion from multiple sources blunts any single political agendas/viewpoints to some degree.

Jeremy Bloniasz 12-26-2005 02:39 PM

That's funny, I'm watching Fox news channel right now. Fair and balanced, I know this because they keep telling me. Neil Cavuto is actually talking to a fitness guy and asking him if he's going to give him a guilt trip about not getting healthier in some way or another for new years. The guy is actually making good points. Don't try to do too much at once, do things in moderation, start slow.

More to the point, I try to get my news from talk radio and listen to both sides. TV news is really to hung up celebrity news and whats going on with Michael Jackson or who's wearing what to the Red carpet. I want to know what's going on in the world, government and current events. I could care less that Brad and Jen broke up. I'm married so I hove no shot with Jen anyways.


James R. Climer 12-26-2005 03:07 PM

Uncensored comedy channel 150 on XM Radio, it can be a little out of date, but I find it's easier to laugh at the bad stuff, and guys like Lewis Black and Larry the Cable Guy tell it like they see it.`

Tom Gilbert 12-26-2005 03:13 PM

Good Morning America, my new guilty pleasure. Sad, I know, but with up to an hour or so to kill in the morning, it/s what I enjoy watching over breakfast before leaving the house for the day

Andrew Brown 12-26-2005 03:37 PM

BBC online (hourly)
Slate (daily) (twice daily)
aljazeera english (daily)
weekly standard
Have XM, but listen to NPR also

Fox News is horrible. Like Matt G, I'll watch/listen to something just as biased against everything I believe in just because the bias is more tastefully presented.

Hollis Petri 12-26-2005 03:51 PM

Jeremy Bloniasz 12-26-2005 03:52 PM

Top 3 stories on Fox right now, summed up.
A lot of people are returning Christmas presents today.
A white house lawyer will defend Anna Nicole Smith.
Monday Night Football ends tonight.

I'll watch CNN Headline news, MSNBC, Fox news and listen to NPR as well my local talk radio. I watch it all but the radio is much better.


Mike Minium 12-26-2005 10:37 PM

My starting point for reading news is Google's news aggregator site:

I also hit the following blogs (yes, none of them really qualify as a "news" source, but I can't help but read my favorite biased op-ed pieces on a near-daily basis, especially if there's a piece on a subject deemed newsworthy by the traditional media outlets):


Alexander Karatis 12-26-2005 11:29 PM

Oooh...depends (good thread BTW).

Mostly from blogs...

Here are two good ones I frequent (Mind you I don't agree with all their viewpoints-they're just good blogs!)

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