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Karmyn Larsen 05-05-2010 01:37 PM

seeking buyer: CF gym Tracy, CA
As of Jan 2010, I have been running West Valley CF in Tracy, CA. It has 12 active clients with new folks joining each month. Income exceeds overhead! Gym is equipped (8 person pull up stations, 1 rower, 7 med balls, 6 bars, weights, 15' rope, 3pr rings, Clock Gone Bad timer, squat cage, Sorinex M2 GHD, ironwoody bands, 2 boxes, 6 abmats etc etc) Flooring is 4' x 6' 3/4" rubber mat from TSC plus 7 lifting boards. Walls are painted with 2 sides having red wall ball line. Office is furnished. If interested in purchasing the business, please contact me at 209-640-8525 or

Ian Nigh 05-06-2010 11:13 PM

Re: seeking buyer: CF gym Tracy, CA
How much?
you can PM me.

Edit: reason for selling?

Karmyn Larsen 05-10-2010 02:54 PM

Re: seeking buyer: CF gym Tracy, CA
My husband resigned and is accepting a new position out of the area so we are relocating. Negotiable price $14,000. While it is tempting to relocate the affiliate to our new address, I hope for the current clients that another person passionate about CF will see it as an opportunity to run their own box :-)

Frank E Morel 05-10-2010 04:19 PM

Re: seeking buyer: CF gym Tracy, CA

Originally Posted by Ian Nigh (Post 780513)
How much?
you can PM me.

Edit: reason for selling?

out of curiosity.... why someone in australia be interested in a gym in central california?

Lisbeth Darsh 05-10-2010 05:52 PM

Re: seeking buyer: CF gym Tracy, CA
Just a reminder: you cannot "sell" a CrossFit affiliation. You can sell a location, equipment, etc -- but the new owner must apply in their own right for a new affiliation with CrossFit. Just wanted to make sure that's clear.

Good luck!

Ian Nigh 05-10-2010 06:36 PM

Re: seeking buyer: CF gym Tracy, CA
I am planning on opening an affiliate when I move to Japan an the end of the year. I am interested in this offer for the gear, mostly, as I plan on filling a half container and shipping it from California. Am also looking at whats available though CF Asia.

OP: It seems like you are interested in someone taking over your clientele, and I hope for their sake that this can happen. If it does not, I may be keen on buying the lot, so please keep me in mind.

Edward Guzman 05-10-2010 11:28 PM

Re: seeking buyer: CF gym Tracy, CA
Soooooooo tempting.

I need to check out Tracy. I've only driven through there on my way to Redding.

Karmyn Larsen 05-11-2010 11:21 AM

Re: seeking buyer: CF gym Tracy, CA
The equipment is maybe worth $4-6,000? The client base, business license, website, marketing items etc is the value of the business.

Its an established, profitable business. Growth has been steady: I began with 3 clients in Jan and now have 12 in May plus I have 2 folks who have already paid to begin in June. Word of mouth has been quite positive!

And as Lisbeth noted, you cannot buy the affiliate...just the location, equipment. You must have completed level 1 certs to apply for affiliation through CFHQ. I can walk you through the process. Its very straightforward and pretty easy.

Ian, I have local folks who have expressed interest in the equipment so I will offer it to them first. I will keep you posted though.

Hoping someone would like to be the CF in Tracy. Its a decent sized town and definitely large enough to support a successful CF affiliate :-)

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