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John Arthur Spear 05-15-2006 08:01 PM

Recently my right knee started making an audible "clicking" noise whenever I squat down. So far, there isn't any pain, swelling, etc. Mainly it's just annoying, and I notice that I tend to, almost subconsciously, start to favor the knee, which I know isn't good. A couple of posts in the archives addressed similar concerns, although most of the people heard the noise on the outside of the knee, which was attributed to the IT band. The noise in my knee seems to be coming from the front or even inside of the knee. Anyway, is this something I should worry or see a doctor about? Any suggestions for how to make the noise go away? BTW, I'm 27 yr old and have never had any knee problems in the past. Thanks in advance.

Garrett Smith 05-16-2006 11:15 AM

"Clicking" noises can often be a sign of a torn meniscus.

Was there any moment of injury that you can associate with the onset of this noise?

I'd suggest you get it checked out by someone well-trained in orthopedic medicine. If you continue to train and "favor" the knee, you will incur more injuries further up the kinetic chain.

Jibreel Freeland 05-16-2006 05:01 PM

I could be totally wrong but I have been attributing my knee clicks to scar tissue from injuries.

John Arthur Spear 05-16-2006 06:47 PM

Thanks for the reply. I can't really associate any specific injury that resulted in the noise. The only thing I can think was I mildly hyper-extended this knee playing basketball about 2-3 months ago, but there was no clicking noise until just about a week ago? Like you said, I have already noticed some other pains (primarily lower back soreness) cropping up because I think I'm favoring the knee. I'm in the AF so I'll go see the doc on base about it, but who knows if he can/will refer me to an orthopedic specialist. I may have to do that on my own dime? Anyway, thanks for the insights.

Garrett Smith 05-16-2006 09:37 PM

There's usually a difference between pops and clicks in the knee. A large single pop that is resulting in compensating movements may be meniscus.

I was a catcher up through high school, my knees make all sorts of noise (with no pain nor compensation). I believe that noise without pain isn't a problem generally. I'm concerned about the history of a relatively recent injury, the new click, and the movement compensation. The whole picture here is what got me.

There's a relatively simple orthopedic test to generally test the meniscus, seems like a prudent way to go to me. Go to the docs on base to try to get a good diagnosis. Once that has been obtained, I'd suggest coming back to the board to discuss treatment options based on the new info.

John Arthur Spear 05-17-2006 05:44 PM

Yes, I agree it's probably best to get the knee checked out just to be safe. The thing is I am one of those people that thinks about things too much, and part of the reason I compensate for the knee is not because of any pain but just because I "think" something may be wrong and I don't want to put full force on it, etc. I don't know if that makes any sense?

Chris Jordan 05-18-2006 09:31 AM

Julie's right knee makes a soft snapping or clicking sound when she brings her knees forward during squats. As long as her knee stays above or behind her toes there is no noise. When the knee moves forward past the toe the noise is there. I am very attentive to this as she trains but once in a while her form fails.

She felt the first minor pain from it after yesterday's thrusters. I'm asking her to back off of squats for a while. I think as she gains more strength and better balance and learns to keep her weight on her heels she'll be fine.

But we think it is important to turn the music down once in a while and give a listen to your workout. Listening for problems early is far better than recovering from them later.

Dan John suggested that since she had a baby 2 months ago she might be pushing it. Since it came from him maybe she'll believe it.

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