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Tim Morrison 12-06-2004 06:16 PM

I'd imagine there's a direct correllation between strength-body weight ratio...and crossfit Wod performance.
Is that the primary determinant?
Is there an ideal body prototype?

John Justin Syvrud 12-06-2004 06:27 PM

Have only been around X-fit for a couple of months, but it seems that bodyweights betweeen 170-190 usually have the best performances. Enough weight to handle higher loads and low enough weight to do well in runs/rows and pull-ups. just my opinion, always exeptions.

Tom Schneitter 12-06-2004 06:58 PM

I sure hope there are exceptions because at 6'2" it would be really difficult to get my weight down to that range.

Tanner Kolb 12-07-2004 04:19 AM

i think that it has more to do with %BF than weight, and also as you said tim strength to weight ratio. obviosly at 6'2" and a good amount of lean muscle mass woulb more than likley put you over 200 lbs., but with a %BF that is low you will succeed nicely with the protocol.

my weight ranges around 225-235 and i feel that i am able to follow the WOD as RXD and post decent scores. i am able to handle body weight exercise such as pull ups and dips with at least 25+ and do very well with higher loads on lifts such as C+J etc.

Patrick Johnston 12-07-2004 07:24 AM

I think that BF is a big component. Having said that, I think that the best overall body type for the multi-dimensional aspect of CF is someone around 5'10" and no more than 6'0" and around 200 lbs. Taller than that and one starts to require too much work in terms of output due to longer distances traveled.

Lincoln Brigham 12-07-2004 11:06 AM

Greg A. and Josh Everett. are two of the best. Josh is about 5'9", 185, really low bodyfat. What size is Greg?

Ryan Atkins 12-07-2004 02:01 PM

IIRC, Greg is about 5'11" and weighs in around 205# or so. I think David Leys is at least 6' and is also over 200#.


Tim Morrison 12-07-2004 03:36 PM

This discussion makes me think of the AMAZING pictures of the Olympic weightlifters in action........ these 145 pd dudes hoisting amazing poundages.
THEY would obviously post the best crossfit #'s.

Tom Schneitter 12-07-2004 04:39 PM

It's obvious that those fine specimens would lift more than anyone currently utilizing Crossfit but I have a hard time believing they could smoke a 800M or a 5k.

Jeremy Jones 12-07-2004 05:04 PM

I am 6'4" and 210 bw. My %bf is somewhere around 6 - 8 (maybe more for winter).

Some of the things I can say: It is hard to get a score more than 21 doing Tabata Squats traveling 4 and a half feet. . . I can't practice handstands most indoor places because my feet hit the ceiling. . . I do most of my pullups with my knees bent, and I travel almost 3'. . . When I do an Oly lift, the bar is usually traveling over 7' - which I can't do indoors of most places either because of the ceiling.

I don't know what the best body type is, but I know it is not TALL. Not that I am complaining, I like being able to reach stuff, and see over peoples heads.

It doesn't matter what everyone else's body type is to me anyway. I just want to be better than I was yesterday. If that makes me better than the guy next to me -whatever- that doesn't make me any better.

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