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Joe Celso 10-26-2006 06:19 PM

oh man i felt like a kid with a new swing set. due to tendonitis or tendonosis (or whatever the i have that seems to be un-diagnosable and un-fixable) - i hadn't done more than 0.75 of a pull up in about 8 weeks now. the difference was today i saw a guy with wrist straps and asked to borrow them. i only did 5 but it felt SO good to pull again.

now i'm not sure what to think/do. i want to get back to pulling, but it burns like without the straps. what do you all think... do i pull with the straps or just keep trying to rest my elbow?

maybe this post belongs in injuries.

Kevin McKay 10-26-2006 06:46 PM

How does this work? I just came off a 2 month no pull to get rid of tendonitis and feel a little and if it comes back and I can pull without aggravating with straps I will not hesitate do it.

Chris Fitzgerald 10-26-2006 08:27 PM

If it's the only thing that works and you know you are not under resting then F$%# it, get some while you can.

Kalen Meine 10-26-2006 08:52 PM


Kevin McKay 10-26-2006 08:58 PM

I currently use rings and still have issues I think I really hosed some tendons. So what are the straps I have never used or seen any? Also how do they not irritate the inflamed tendons?

Gorm Laursen 10-26-2006 11:27 PM

I'd bite my self in the arm and rest, rest and rest some more ...

Such inflammations can very eaily give you permanent scarring in the sinews and associated tissue. I've seen some filecases where inflammation have eaten its way through the muscles and developed huge open wounds that are VERY hard to heal up again.

Joe Celso 10-27-2006 02:46 AM

kevin - wrist straps wrap around your wrist and the bar, essentially connecting you to the bar with out requiring a lot of grip from your hand.

my elbow works fine (not bicep tendonitis in my case) but when i need to engage my fingers (and maybe my wrist too) to hold on, it feels like a cutting torch.

see, gorm, i keep hearing that and it makes me nervous. i don't want to ruin anything, but i'm tired of waiting/wasting, but i don't want to become dependent on straps either. i need a stinking cast... as soon as my arm feels any amount of better, i go try something that opens it right up.

if my rings ever show up (not tyler's fault - i'm gonna go "21-15-9 for time" all over fed ex in a minute) i'm gonna give them a try. i have noticed i can pull up with an alternated grip if i pull myself to the right side of the bar (to the left hurts) so maybe the rings will help.

Gorm Laursen 10-27-2006 03:04 AM

You seem like an able-bodied person, Joe, so I don't think you're in the direct dangerzone, but if you insist on progressing, I'd recommend some fishoil, green salad and seaweed along with glucosamine. That'd give you some grease for your tendons.

But again: I urge you to consider atleast a 2 week period off. Inflammations doesn't go away by themselves, but they go away very quickly once you've done a certain amount of COMPLETE rest. I don't think stubbornness will do the trick.

Good luck ...

Jason Steele 10-27-2006 07:39 AM

Gotta agree with Gorm, you may think everything is okay with the straps, but by using them you are delaying any healing that should occur by not doing pullups. Best bet would be to rest and not have any long term problems. Two weeks won't kill you (that much)

Steve Kaspar 10-27-2006 04:39 PM

best of luck with the elbow. if its an injury like mine, it will never get better. hopefully, your young enough and its not too bad, and time will heal it. i'm 51, and have been doing sports and exercises for 45 years. i hurt my elbow 10 years ago, and its worse now, never getting better. probably wear and tear from training..i take off for a month or three, and as soon as i do my first pullup. boom. its killing me again. it wont heal. i was doing sets of 17-20 reps on my strict slow pullups, now i'm doing 5-15reps , depending on how bad it hurts. with my palm facing up, its the bone on the far inside. tendon injury? tendonitis? i wont waste my time going to the doctor. he'll just tell me to quit doing pullups and exercising. i hate it, but i learned to live with the pain. and its intense too. i hope your elbow isnt as bad and rest will help. mine is shot.
all the best
steve kaspar st. louis, mo

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