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Craig Bucher 02-02-2006 10:10 AM

Mine are very close. My best overhead squat(110Kg) is equal to or limited by my ability to get the bar overhead; and is very close to my best front squat(115-120Kg). I did split jerks today and topped out at 110Kg, but this is the same weight I was able to get overhead using a snatch grip push press(maybe with a slight rebend) earlier this week. Is this in the ball park, or does it show a significant technique or capability flaw in my split jerk.

I also wonder about the proximity of my squat variations, all to the same depth. 110 overhead, 115-120 front, and 130-135 back.

And I assume that my snatch and clean are lacking some technical skill at 80 and 100-105Kg compared to my squats.

I have seen the "spider web of lifting" on Dan John's site, but am wondering about how my overhead squat and behind the neck push press fit in there.

Any insight on what I should prioritize would be welcomed. I know I can bring them all up with some more strength, but am very curious as to which are most lagging, and if technique should be a primary focus for a while.

Overhead Squat- 110
Front Squat----- 115-120
Back Squat----- 130-135
Snatch--------- 80
Clean---------- 100-105
Split Jerk------ 110-115
Sn grip PP----- 110

Lincoln Brigham 02-02-2006 11:40 AM

If anything, I would say your snatch and clean are low relative to all your other lifts. Snatch maybe more so. According to the spider web theory, you should be snatching 82-85 kilos.

But really you are in the ballpark, so what the spider web analysis tells me is that strength is your current bottleneck, not technique.

Veronica Carpenter 02-02-2006 01:49 PM

I agree with Lincoln. The percentages for the most part are OK. Work on getting your squat numbers up and continue working technique.

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