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Nick Cruz 01-12-2007 01:32 PM

The wife and I think we are done with the kidlets. We have 2 gorgeous children now (my son is 6 and my daughter will be 4 in May) and I think the arrangement works well for us all right now. We are able to give them all the attention they need and deserve, we are done with the diapers and all the little baby toys, AND the toys are finally getting fun for me to play with!

Anyways, Im obviously still a bit nervous about taking the plunge. Anyone who has had this procedure done has to know what Im feeling. Help me through it!


Nick (soon to be Nicole)

Paul Findley 01-12-2007 01:46 PM

My only advice, go with two little snips as opposed to one big one. Then we can keep calling you Nick. A coworker has described the procedure to me as "a piece of cake".

David Sailor 01-12-2007 02:05 PM

Two things:

Frozen bagged vegetables are your friend.

Don't go mountain bike riding the next day.

Other than that, lay low for a couple of days and you should be fine. David

Bill Russell 01-12-2007 02:43 PM

Nothing to it Nick. Just make sure you get a reserved spot on your favorite couch/chair for the entire weekend. Martinis, margaritas and 16 ounce curls all help, your preference!!

The itching that follows is by far the worst part.:pepper: (sorry, I couldn't resist that emoticon)

Nick Cruz 01-12-2007 03:18 PM

You guys have no regrets about the whole no going back part of the deal?

Not to say I would ever want or need to go back but lets just say the world gets wiped out and I am needed by my government to help repopulate the earth. Im just saying.

Paul Findley 01-12-2007 03:30 PM

A truely patriotic view! Let us know if that works with the Mrs.

Veronica Carpenter 01-12-2007 03:50 PM

That patriotism wouldn't work for this Mrs.

DH is going in next Thursday. Note to self: pick up frozen peas. He's already got his collection of Clint Eastwood movies lined up.

Most of the guys we've spoken with said in the end it was a piece of cake - after the feeling of "the doc tugging from clear up to my ears", and "the smell of burning flesh." But, I've found many guys whine more than women. :biggrin:

As far a how it affects your manlihood? One friend said, "It's all a myth!" :banana:

:080402gudl_prv: I'm sure you and DH will be up and running in no time!

Bill Russell 01-12-2007 04:09 PM

Holy cow, I forgot about the smell of burning flesh. Nick, is it too late??!!!!!!

Seriously, no regrets what so ever. I was in my mid 30s with 3 kids, so I was sure I/we were done with having any more kids. Had I been younger, I might not have been sure.

Don't give that thought of "lessening your manlihood" one second of thought, total BS. If one of your buddies give you any crap, put him through a WOD :gunsmilie:

Veronica, tell DH (whoever he is) to have fun watching clint all next weekend. My favorite- "well, he shoulda armed himself if he was gonna decorate his saloon with my friend"

Nick Cruz 01-12-2007 04:42 PM

Burning flesh and violent tugging? Some people pay real good money for this! Sign me up!

Veronica, your sig will finally come in to play for me. Although, ice AND tape it? Hmm seems like an issue.

I think to just get it over with Ill be putting in the call to the Dr on Tuesday. I can smell it now.

James R. Climer 01-12-2007 04:54 PM

A little tale:

Had 2 children, and at 30 got snipped.
At 34 I got divorced , and for the next 6 years,
I don't think I met one woman that my sterility wasn't an issue about having more children. I basically dated only one woman my own age, (I never would have guessed it was so difficult a demographic to find), the rest were younger and all still wanted children. Although the 10 years between 30 and 40 were carefree at least for one aspect of my life, the vasectomy was a major issue for some others aspects.

I re-married at 37 to a woman 12 years my junior, who wanted, but didn't have children of her own. So I finally got a reversal at the age of 40, and it was a major success (operation in September, pregnant in November).

The Vasectomy was free (medical insurance gladly covered it), the reversal cost $5,000.

I have two more children and they are a joy. I am traveling around on slightly limited cordage and so my wife has had her tubes tied, and again I am somewhat carefree.

The story is intended to give you something to think about. Mainly you really can't be too sure about your future.

So why can't your wife go get her tubes tied? I've seen where a doctor in India can do tubal ligation with a laparoscope [url=][/url][i]work/family safe tubal ligation description[/i] in less than 2 minutes and no anethesia. Thank goodness women are so tough.

PS-The vasectomy was a breeze, but I didn't pop
right up off the operating table and get back to work that afternoon like some dude tried to tell me did.

The reversal was easy too, but was a major operation and had me walking like a bow-legged cowboy for a month.

Finally, if you do get snipped, I don't recommend
trampoline workouts or showing off your bail-out technique on the swingset to the kids for at least 8-weeks. A little something the Doc forgot to warn me about.

Joseph Hart 01-12-2007 05:04 PM

I heard that if they cut the wrong cord your head will fall off:proud:. I have been kicking around the whole idea myself (with the wife's input of course) I thought it intersting that in MN you have to have your wife sign a consent form to get the snip. Can't you freeze a few bullets for a later date? We could also adopt if the better half wanted another child. She has had two (big headed babies) so the miracle of child birth has lost its luster. How old did you wait for your kids to get before you got it done (for the others out there)?

Veronica Carpenter 01-12-2007 05:13 PM

[i]"So why can't your wife go get her tubes tied? I've seen where a doctor in India can do tubal ligation with a laparoscope [url=][/url] safe tubal ligation description in less than 2 minutes and no anethesia. Thank goodness women are so tough."[/i]

I'll answer this question for all the moms out there, "We've done all the hard work. It's time for dad's to suck it up! Besides, a vascectomy doesn't compare to carrying a little human inside for 9 months then pushing it out. Then there's months of nare a full nights sleep waking up to breastfeed. Need I mention breast engorgement and nipple cracking?" :bleh0000:

Nick, I think the only part of my sig that's appropriate is the icing. :crutch00:

Joseph, some docs here in Cali require a wife's signature as well. Some have you wait until your last baby is at least 6 months old.

My DH (that's "dear husband" Bill) is 41. And we have 4 children (3 are his)

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George Brothers 01-12-2007 05:34 PM

just want to comment on james post.
in the states i dont think there are any tubal ligations being done as you describe. my experience is that general anesthesia is still the norm unless the ligation is done in combination with a csection. that said, the risks of general anesthesia are real including death, pulmonary embolism, bowel obstruction to name a few. plus the pain of getting your abdominal cavity filled with gas in order to see all the necessary organs and landmarks is not a great time. when i was in training, the obstretrician i did my rotation with was very clear with the male side of the relationship. he pulled no punches in discussing risks and asking why a vasectomy was not considered. so unless your wife is hot to undergo a tubal, get the vas. a few days to weeks of uncomfortableness is nothing in comparison to the 9 months of indigestion, swelling, hemorrhoids, cramps and nausea/vomit the little lady went through giving you each of your kids not mentioning the culmination of that process.

and no, i am in still in the child producing years but i will be taking my own medicine when the time comes.

to answer the original post though, start discussing this with married older friends, colleagues etc. everyone will have a different story but overall this is a very common procedure with a short recovery period and the risks are minimal. the thing that will make it worse for you is your level of anxiety going in. if you are knowledgeable this will help lessen that anxiety along with some valium prior to the procedure. dont be a tough guy, this will be your opportunity to see what all the fuss is about. as to where to go, see a urologist in private practice who has several years of experience. dont go to a teaching hospital to get this done esp in july or august on a friday. that way you wont be someone's first vasectomy. soft ice packs, tighty whiteys and some strategic vicodin or percocet will get you through the rest. good luck.

Darrell E. White 01-12-2007 05:50 PM


ICE, ICE, and more ICE!! No matter what anyone tells you, recovery requires inactivity. ICE and a soft chair. Minimal movement around the house with ICE when you are in the chair. Take the pain medicine with the ICE before you start to have pain and take it on a regular schedule, just like you are using the ICE.

The idea of freezing some of your sperm is not a terrible idea if you have any notion that you may wish to have more children; I think they use ICE (sorry, got caught up in the theme!).

It's not that big a deal, and it is certainly a less invasive proposition than any type of tubal. There are typically no other issues to worry about. Good luck.

And don't forget the...

Nick Cruz 01-12-2007 05:50 PM

I asked my wife one time about TL (half joking of course) and she [color=ff0000][/color][color=ff0000][/color][color=ff0000][/color][color=ff0000][/color] near knocked my block off, so I know that there is only one direction to go. Ive also gone through two major surgeries, a major jaw reconstruction and ACL replacement so I figure I should get something done in the center portion of my body now. Besides, it cant hurt anymore than getting my nipples pierced. Now THAT hurt.

Darrell E. White 01-12-2007 07:12 PM

Oooooo, Nick. That last part was on a need to know basis. Too much information...:lol:

David Sailor 01-12-2007 07:42 PM

I'm pretty sure you should be excused from laundry, dishes, garbage take out, etc for at least a month or two.

Blair Robert Lowe 01-13-2007 04:45 AM

I always heard the procedure could be reversed and was much less dangerous for men.

Ice and relaxation sound good.

James Falkner 01-13-2007 08:21 AM

Groan... this thread is making my "core" hurt!! :tmi:

Leonard Roy 01-13-2007 01:57 PM

Nick -

just had mine done last Fri. If you get the "classic" version plan on a solid day or two off your feet as much as possible. After a couple days I found the sutures bothered me more then anything. Now at the 7-8 day mark I feel more then ready to tackle workouts, albeit in bike shorts to keep everything immobile.

I'd recommend doing your homework, there is a new "no scalpel" version that I have heard people claim let them return to work immediately. I should have spent more time looking into that but I was also in a crunch to get this done and be sure of being fully recovered before an event at the end of Feb.

Dale F. Saran 01-13-2007 04:44 PM

Frozen corn (niblets, not on the cob) and frozen peas work well. I was up and around in a day. It stung, but it was navy medicine. My favorite line from the doctor - "That shouldn't hurt. You shouldn't be feeling that." Quizzically, as if it were my fault.
I think the worst is the itching as all the hair grows back. I know, I know, TMI, but this thread is what it is. James brings up good points worth considering. But it ain't that big a deal. Back surgery (where they're poking around your spine) - now that's a big deal. This didn't seem as scary and there's no loss of "manliness". If someone says so, ask him if he'd try it - when he says "hell no!" say "Exactly. Pantywaist."

Mike Rosenberg 01-13-2007 05:17 PM

make sure the dr. warms his or her hands before they start.

Dale F. Saran 01-13-2007 08:53 PM

And warms the iodine up, too! That would be nice for a change.

David Cynamon 01-13-2007 10:00 PM

why the permanent (or at least semi-permanent if you can get a successful reversal) over any of the many forms of birth-control?

I would want to really look into all of the other options before doing something I probably wouldn't be able to change, especially since there are so many temporary alternatives.

You also mentioned in your post that you just "think" that you're done.

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Veronica Carpenter 01-13-2007 10:20 PM

What other form of birth control has no side-effects, requires no thinking,preparation or ongoing expense?

Joseph Hart 01-13-2007 10:36 PM


Veronica Carpenter 01-13-2007 10:46 PM


What fun is that?! And, I'd have to disagree abstinance requires a great deal of thinking in the form of self control and resisting temptation!


David Cynamon 01-14-2007 08:10 AM

I'd say never being able to have children again is a [b]VERY BIG[/b] side effect, much bigger and much more definite than any other possible side effect of other forms of birth control.

If someone would change their mind later, it's probably going to cost much more to fix it than any ongoing expense one may incur with other forms of birth control, if it's successful.

If someone wants to do things without thinking...

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Michael Manseau 01-14-2007 03:24 PM

I've heard too many horror stories about where they actually stick the needle to undergo the procedure but what's wrong with condoms?

Veronica Carpenter 01-14-2007 11:17 PM

Well David you've got a point there. This should only be considered if you're sure you're done having children.

Stephen Solano 01-14-2007 11:33 PM

I had mine cut, tied and burned. The worst part was when the nurse came into the lobby and said,"It's roasting time." The needle part did bring a tear to my eye, but after that it wasn't that bad. I tell my wife they cut too much off that's why...:tmi:

Brendan C. Cook 01-16-2007 10:46 AM

"What other form of birth control has no side-effects, requires no thinking,preparation or ongoing expense?"

hmmmm.....well, since lack of babies is the intended effect, I think we can ommit that one...pain (check, though apparently short-term...I'm still fully loaded so I can't say personally), no thinking....uh, no. This requires LOTS of thinking and LOTS of discussion and LOTS of research (which might rightly be called preparation). Plus, there is the psychological preparation, both in advance and just prior....guys tend to be (forgive the pun) attached to their functionality in the nether regions, so I imagine that the prospect of a change therein can be REALLY intimidating to consider...
and yeah, I have considered this myself. In fact, I know that I'm in for my own functionality modification after baby #3...:g:...a result of that whole "discussion" concept :msn-wink:

Nick Cruz 01-16-2007 01:24 PM

1. condoms suck
2. my wife hates taking pills all the time
3. the patch will rip skin off of my wife
4. There is no effective and readily available Man'o Patch.
5. After the surgery the "think" gets dropped from the conversation with others. ie "We think were done." Now becomes, "Oh yeah, we're done."

Paul Findley 01-16-2007 06:13 PM

This thread reminds me of this bizzare tv show I saw where these guys were experimenting with male birth control. They sat on old style toilets with buckets under them hanging their sacks in hot water, as hot as they could stand. After about a week of the 30 minute or so daily sessions, they were sterile for a few days, and eventually the boys were back in town.

Just something to consider ;-)

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Michael Manseau 01-16-2007 06:53 PM

Sounds like you've come to a decision. As for me, I'd rather jump out of a perfectly serviceable aircraft than let someone near the family jewels with a needle & scalpel.
And using condoms has never been an issue.
Best of luck with the op.

Dale S. Jansen 01-16-2007 08:21 PM

abstinence should come with a warning label...
fine a really good urologist, go home and ice the boys and you will be fine. i was back at work the next day.

Jason Donaldson 01-17-2007 04:19 AM


Had it done about 4 years ago at the age of 26. Yep, pretty young, but with 3 kids already, it had to be done.

Here's my advice, 2 pairs of underpants, not boxers, nice snug fitting reg grundies (sorry, bit of Aussie slang there). The support is much needed and it feels so much better than having them dangling around smacking into things!! :crazy:

As far as regrets go, with 3 kids already, I don't care if my wife and I are the only people left on the planet, we aint havin anymore. Even if, god forbid, we got divorced or something happened to my wife, as far as I'm concerned, I've got my kids.

Also, I would go with a general anaesthetic. I had it done with a local, trying to pretend I was tough, and I still get cold sweats thinking about that tugging and snipping feeling!!

Ice is good too, but my wife laughed at me :blush:

Michael Salewski 01-17-2007 08:15 PM


I had mine done about four years ago also. Have two kids, and after much discussion decided the snip was the way to go. Even after all that you do go through the "what ifs?", but I have to say it was the right decision. Didn't even consider a tubal for my wife, a 3mm skin incision trumps anything abdominal any day of the week. I went to a clinic where that's the only procedure they do, didn't feel a thing during (not even a needle, they used a transdermal device for numbing), after the local wore off felt like I had been kicked in the sack, but that only lasted the first day. Best of all, the doc gave me a pocket knife with a small blade on one end and scissors on the other! Just try feeling unmanly when you walk out with a blade. Worst part was the downtime with the wife, but post-surgery sex is almost as good as make-up sex.

Veronica Carpenter 01-17-2007 10:55 PM

Dear hubby goes tomorrow (Thursday) morning. I'll be sure to give you an update after I'm done nursing the poor guy - if he's anything like some of you guys sound, I'm sure he'll be milking it through the weekend!

Ryan Heck 01-20-2007 06:17 AM

Had mine done the same week my shippment of bumpers from BiggerFasterStronger arrived. Couldn't resist movin' a little weight. Ended up with some [color=ff0000][/color][color=ff0000][/color][color=ff0000][/color][color=ff0000][/color] painful' boys for about two weeks. So use a broomstick for the WOD for 1-2 weeks. I think bodyweight stuff should be ok. Worth it??? I'd give that a whole hearted you bet your sweet bippy (I think the bippy is what they cut out). The snip - Uncomfortable for a week for what I figure is 40+ years of never having to tell my wife I'm sorry!!!

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