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Victor J McQuaide 09-08-2015 04:33 PM

rebounding hang cleans for speed and save grip
Watching the GRID and how they do hang cleans.. bouncing off the tops of legs.. Have a comp coming up soon and has the DT.. 45 hang cleans with 155#. I can do it with 95# easy but after that my form is not like the pros. Anyone have any advice or any links to some coaching of this exact form. Seems to extend one's grip measurably for sure. You don't even have to hook grip because the bar hits the thighs and then bounces up.. would appreciate all info. Cheers

Kyle Hougendobler 09-11-2015 05:48 AM

Re: rebounding hang cleans for speed and save grip
I would advise not to do this so called technique. Realistically all you're doing is creating really bad habits and beating the **** out of your quads and hips.

I personally do not like the GRID League because I hate the way these athletes execute some of the movements they do and it's just dangerous.

A big flaw I see with people on hang power cleans is they essentially muscle clean it. The movement is much for efficient, effective and easier if you pull yourself under the bar and not receiving the bar with full locked out legs and a hyper-extended back.

Shawn M Wilson 09-11-2015 08:37 PM

Re: rebounding hang cleans for speed and save grip
Lots of people sacrifice good form and technique for speed at comps

Doesn't mean you should but know the risks involved

Also for many of the athletes we see doing this the weight is nothing compared to their maxes or working weight.

For us mere mortals trying to do the same could result in some bad injuries because of how close the weight is to our mazes and our inability to "cheat" on the movement for speed.

I did Diane this week. 225 is almost 1/2 of my max but because of speed it turns into more of a squat vs a dead lift. I feel it in my back afterwards because the form and speed removes the correct motion I should use. When I slow down just a little bit more I feel a ton better because I maintain a proper form throughout it.

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