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Bryan Gollhofer 10-08-2006 12:11 PM

I know it has been talked about a LOT on here but I have an interesting one. I did a series of squats two days ago, nothing too heavy 3X10 at 115 pnds, with sdhp's 3X12 at 75 pnds. No problems after, or the next day and felt fine when I went to bed last night.

Woke up this morning with pain inside of my knee when I stand. Kinda goes away after awhile but returns when stand up and walk again after sitting. I am clueless on these kinds of problems, anyone have any suggestions? Yes, my squats went deep, but had no problems then or after, I am baffled.

Thanks for any advice!

Mike ODonnell 10-09-2006 08:05 AM

ICE...more your form during the squat, do your knees come in? Flexibility may be the issue...wouldnt know unless I saw you squat.

Bryan Gollhofer 10-10-2006 12:59 PM

Thanks for the post mike, but thankfully we can disregard my first post! Went to the Doc yesterday and it turns out that my consumption of several good for you foods including spinach, asparagus, bran, oatmeal and meat, combined with a recent two week stint up in wine country drinking grape juice gave me a case of gout! My knee and I are bumming right now, but only temporarily! I'll be back CF'ing in no time and I can't wait! I just need to alter my diet slightly. Thanks again.

Bryan Gollhofer 10-18-2006 08:53 AM

Something to be aware of.. My pain did not go away and range of motion did not come back fully. This time I saw MY Doc who is a sports med specialist, and turns out it could be either a high calf strain/tear or minor meniscus tear. MRI in the next couple of weeks to see. First beware of the Doc who "Diagnoses" you without a complete exam, and second, anyone ever dealt with a high calf muscle issue. Curious to know and again thanks for the input.

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