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Chris Murray 02-24-2009 05:00 AM

2 Months on CrossFit
I have been training using CrossFit and Paleo Diet for a little over 2 months now and I have lost 20 pounds and 3.5 inches off my waist. Comming from a powerlifting backround I was skeptical at first but results don't lie. I started out 275 pounds ( 6'.4'')and now down to 255. I had a 45 inch waist now down to 41.5. My goal is 240. The best part is my BP in now normal and I have a ton of energy and have lost of cravings for sugar/sweets. I am a S&C coach at my local High School and the kids have seen my workouts and wanted to try them and they love them. Needless to say we will be working CrossFit training into or workouts. The only negative thing I am dealing with is the loss of strength that came with the weight loss but, the positives out way this negative. I will be posting pics soon. My next step is to try and attend a Cert comming up this year.

Brian Bedell 02-24-2009 12:11 PM

Re: 2 Months on CrossFit
Congrats man!
Maybe you can get some of that strength back after you hit your weight goal, but I'm sure your increased metcon performance is more then making up for it.
Way to go.

Chris Murray 02-24-2009 02:04 PM

Re: 2 Months on CrossFit
Thanks Brian. I should be posting some before pics here as soon as I can figure out how!

Artem Sivak 02-24-2009 02:45 PM

Re: 2 Months on CrossFit
Hey Chris! Grats on the weight loss! Don't worry about the strength as that will come back up with time! Your kids are very lucky, I wish my SnC coach introduced me to crossfit when I was in highschool!

To post pics:

Click Add Reply to make a new post.
You'll see Manage Attachments button in Additional Options. Click that.
Just add your pictures there. Remember that they have to below certain dimensions.

Good luck!

Chris Murray 03-16-2009 04:50 PM

Re: 4 Months on CrossFit update
I have been doing CrossFit for 4 months now and here is an update:

Weight: 275 now 246
Waist; 45" now 40"
Max Deadlift: 420
Max Bench: 310
Max Push Press: 255
Max Power Clean: 225

I did the WOD from CrossFit Games 2008: 275 deadliftx5 & burpees w/ clapX 10 in 7min 48 sec.(love to know what the pros did, second thought I probably don't want to know)
I feel great, all the lab work is down to normal. One negative is I still suck at doing pull-ups. My goal is to keep progressing, train with a fellow CrossFiter in the area, get 10 pull-ups and get down to 235 by July. Thanks for all the support and I will keep you updated.

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