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Ben Skutnik 05-10-2017 05:40 AM

Zone 5 Endurance
Do you guys remember the site "Zone 5 Endurance"? It had a library of scientific works supporting the concept of high-intensity interval training/tabata/CrossFit. It looks like it's been taken down now, but I am wanting to get those articles. I have access, through my position at a local school, to get most of the articles...I just don't remember the titles and authors.

Thanks in advance for any help!:thanx:

Neil Fischbein 05-10-2017 08:33 PM

Re: Zone 5 Endurance
Archive here. WFS

Ben Skutnik 05-11-2017 04:40 AM

Re: Zone 5 Endurance

Originally Posted by Neil Fischbein (Post 1268245)
Archive here. WFS

This is so great, thank you!

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