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Nick Cummings 12-10-2005 09:10 AM

Frozen blueberries in cottage cheese. I honestly don't think its 100% zone recommended but it tastes great and I feel pretty good about eating it. What are some of your favorites?

Ian Holmes 12-10-2005 09:54 AM

Cottage cheese with salsa is really good... and given that I don't do the zone (*Ian ducks... glances around waiting for rocks*) I often have this on 56 grain toast *grin*.

Also salads.... hmmm salads...

Beth Moscov 12-10-2005 11:03 AM

Ian - I think your safe. The "rocks" thread is on the equipment board so I don't if they can be thrown across boards.


slice of fat free canadian bacon, piece of fruit, almonds

Larry Lindenman 12-10-2005 11:03 AM

Nothing un-Zone about cottage cheese and frozen blueberries, just throw in some walnuts or slivered almonds and get the proportions right and your in! I usually go low fat cottage cheese, you may want to put a little vanilla protein powder and splenda in there for extra taste.

Nikki Young 12-10-2005 02:13 PM

When i was taking a MRP, and was eating dairy... I would heat up an apple which i had diced, mixed in some cottage cheese, flax oil and a little bit of chocolate MRP. It was so good, i had it ALL the time. Now i'm having baked banana with cinnamon ;O~ Sooo good.

Jesse Woody 12-10-2005 05:19 PM

For the last two weeks I've had a bag of frozen collard greens at work. I also bought some of those tuna lunch-packs, some salsa, triscuits and chashews from the student store (those are about the healthiest items in there)

Heat the collards in the microwave until they thaw and warm enough. Mix in salsa and tuna, then crush 3 triscuits and the pack of chashews on top. Makes a nice 3 block meal with 3x fat :D

Travis Hall 12-10-2005 06:15 PM

right now cottage cheese and apple sauce- food of the gods.
chocolate milk with eggwhites...

and trail mix all the time. love that stuff. not the junk kind though, the kind with only nuts and raisins.

- never realized there were so many cottage cheese fans.

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Alexander Karatis 12-11-2005 05:37 AM


Banana boats used to be my favourite snack! You so gave me an idea right now...;-)

Christian Hansen 12-12-2005 11:00 AM

I'm pretty much addicted to Trader Joe's "Go Raw" Trek Mix. Raisins, cashews, walnuts, almonds, filberts. I eat way too much of this stuff. Kinda heavy on the carbs but oh so delicious.

Rob McBee 12-12-2005 01:20 PM

Diced apple and walnuts sprinkled with cinnamon with enough almond butter to hold it together. Egg white protein mixed in water to help wash it down.

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