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Tim Luby 02-26-2008 06:57 AM

Quit my globo gym?
I'm seriously considering quitting my globo gym and outfitting myself with some equipment. I don't want to go too crazy spending money, so I was considering starting out just with a bar and bumper plates.The other thing I really want is a rower, but that will probably have to wait. From that point, I will slowly purchase more equipment.

Since the gym costs about $1000/year, I figure that will be my first year's budget.

Some questions:
1.Will a barbell and rings be enough to work out with?
2. What would you spend your money on first if you were in my situation?
3. Where are the best deals?

Thanks in advance!

David Stitz 02-26-2008 07:10 AM

Re: Quit my globo gym?
I think that most would agree with me when I say you should definately invest in a set of rings, which set? Right now I'm not sure there seems to be some debate going on between Tyler's Elite Rings(which I have and love), and Rogue Rings, which are getting great reviews. Master the muscleup if you have not already. I myself am going to be getting into more serious barbell training when my copy of SS shows up, its been over a week, wtf. But imo a bar and rings would suffice for now. Buy some sand and an old army duffel bag from the surplus store and make yourself a sand bag, they're tons of fun. A jumprope also. Hope that helps.

Jeff Hines 02-26-2008 07:53 AM

Re: Quit my globo gym?
I've been working out with crossfit for about 2 months now and I only use a pull up bar and a set of 15 lb dumbbells. Obviously I've been pretty limited, but I've still seen pretty good muscle building results considering. Like you though I just purchased a set of Elite Rings and a bar and bumpers. I figure that'll keep my goin for a good bit longer. I ran some numbers, and in the last 13 days or so, minus the 4 rest days, the bar and bumpers was used 55% of the time. I figure a heavy bumper plate could be used for a Kettlebell swing in pinch as well. That's my take.

Nicolas Kizzee 02-26-2008 08:28 AM

Re: Quit my globo gym?
I was also wondering the same thing for myself. This summer i plan on buying some equipment when i get back from college. Id say you need to get a pull-up bar since we do so many pull-ups in crossfit. For christmas i got one of those tower of power things with the pull up and dip bars on each other side. I can't do kipping on it but its better than nothing. I would say the barbell and weights would be good along with something like a squat stand or something. You can go to play it again sports and get a 300lb weight set (tahts including the 45lb bar) for around $120. Not bad i dont think. And squat stand might be around $50.

Matt Thomas 02-26-2008 09:08 AM

Re: Quit my globo gym?
If you had a good amount of bumper plates, and even iron plates, a bar, a set of rings and a set of squat stands I don't think you would ever need anything else to achieve amazing fitness. Ever. Of course there are other things that would be nice to have, but I believ that's all you would ever absolutely need.

So I say buy some squat stands since you're already getting everything else.

You should look into one of these packages

Then you could get something like this

You'd have PLENTY to start with and a couple hundred extra dollars to buy extra weight, some kettle bells, save for a rower, whatever.

Jon Birkelund 02-26-2008 09:27 AM

Re: Quit my globo gym?
I just quit my globo gym and am in the process of building my own garage gym.

Just ordered a crossfit starter package from with Pendlay crossfit bar, bumper plates and a 1 pood kettlebell yesterday! Can't wait for it to come in. :pepper:
Also ordered a squat rack from new york barbell.

Those are my only "big" expenditures. I've been keeping track of my spending. Here's what I've gotten so far:

Basketball to fill with sand 5.29 (walmart)
2x5lbs + 2x2.25lbs + clamps 7.86 (play it again sports)
50lbs bag of playsand 3.28 (lowe's)
funnel (for filling sand into ball) 1.19 (lowe's)
bar+bumper plates + 16K kettlebell + abmat $561.95 (crossfit equipment)
squat rack 149 (newyork barbell)
Speed rope 7.65
Ab wheel 7.99

I already had Elite rings that I used to bring to the gym and some pvc parallettes. I'm building a 20 or 24 inch plyobox this weekend. Already have the plywood so I might just have to get some screws.

The only important thing left to get is some rubber flooring. I plan on going to a tractor supply shop for this. I'm also considering getting a pull up bar to mount over my garage door, but since I'm renting I might have to just settle for hanging my rings from a big tree branch. ;)

I did a whole bunch of research on the forums before I started buying stuff. I also looked at my workout log to see what equipment I have actually needed to do the last WODs. With the stuff listed above I can do most WODs with little compromise. A rower would be nice, but it is not a high priority for me.

Martin Schap 02-26-2008 02:58 PM

Re: Quit my globo gym?

Originally Posted by Tim Luby (Post 263849)
I'm seriously considering quitting my globo gym

Some questions:
1.Will a barbell and rings be enough to work out with?
2. What would you spend your money on first if you were in my situation?
3. Where are the best deals?

1. A bar and rings makes a great start, but if it's feasible where you live, a home depot pull-up bar would be a great addition to that list.
2. I have been in your situation (quit the gym a while back) and went with an el-cheapo bar and several hudred pounds of iron plates, a pull-up bar, two sets of rings and a pair of 53# kettlebells that I got on ebay. I also have a plate loaded dumbbell and a pair of squat stands. The rings and KBs are especially nice for me since I travel. Rowers are fantastic, but remain pretty low on my list, since you can certainly "forge elite fitness" without one. Basically my equipment choices were dictated by the equipment that is called for most often in the WOD. (So it looks like I will be needing a 70# KB here soon)
3. In my experience, the best KB deals on ebay are the dragondoor ones that are sold in pairs. You have to pay shipping on both, but I got mine for $110 for the pair. If you don't want both and are in a metro area I'm sure you'd have no trouble selling one and covering the shipping plus a bit. Still a good deal if you are patient. As far as bumpers, MuscleDriver is going to start selling them in the near future, so if you can wait they will likely be a pretty good deal. That's also a great site for KBs. Good bell for the money from what I can gather.

Sorry for the length, I hope some of this has been helpful.

Tim Luby 02-26-2008 03:49 PM

Re: Quit my globo gym?
Thanks to everyone for the really helpful responses. Looks like I'll concentrate on getting a bar/bumper plates and a rack first,at which point I'll kiss globo gym goodbye. Looks like there are great deals to be had out there, whether it be craigslist or sites like (w/f safe) or rogue fitness. As a matter of fact this guy on craigslist is selling 300# worth of bumper plates along with a bar and rack for $250. Still wating on the bastard to get back to me cause I wanna pounce on that!If I get that deal, I can justify getting a c2 rower.

Anyone know anything about the quality of the cheaper bar/plate sets from rogue fitness and crossfit equipment?

Thanks again!

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