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Jayme Gruber 03-02-2014 02:56 PM

Re: Pretty glad I didn't sign up for the Open
Does it matter if it's the first WOD or the last one? Everyone knows there is going to be DUs in the Open. Our gym is primarily average CrossFitters and each one of them that did the Open could at least do single-double. You know why? They practice them, because they know it's a skill they need. Literally ANYONE can do them if they practice. It's not a MU, HSPU, 300lb clean.

Kerry Kubla 03-02-2014 04:50 PM

Re: Pretty glad I didn't sign up for the Open
I have to say that DU's suck big time for me and I have never been able to link two in a row. I knew going in that there would be a workout involving them but still donated my $20 bucks for a good cause.When 14.1 was announced I was thinking to myself Sh!^ this sucks. I realized that after a year of starting Crossfit I was the only one to blame for not being able to perform DU's. I normally just opt for doing three to one when they came up in any WOD. I went ahead and did 14.1 doing all DU's one at a time. Throughout the workout I was actually able to link a few together for the first time ever. Even tho I only scored a measly 97 I had around two hundred single's that were no reps. I was very happy to have progressed and now I will never substitute singles again.I will put forth the effort to master my DU's and I can guarantee you that triples will be thrown into a workout in the very near future, maybe even at this years games.

Mark Ritchie 03-02-2014 04:59 PM

Re: Pretty glad I didn't sign up for the Open
Frustrating, sure, but we had several people get their first double unders this week -- some the the day of Open WOD. I'm crap at DUs but still did it.

Lots of folks did single-single-double, etc.

Part of what makes the Open so great is the isn't any scaling -- you have to push yourself. The weights were light, and we had lots of people do more than they thought possible, especially the women.

So while I groaned when I saw the WOD, since I seriously suck at DUs, we still are glad people did it -- it was great to see people go for it.

I am, of course, hoping for a seriously heavy clean ladder next week... :)

Zac Metz 03-02-2014 05:28 PM

Re: Pretty glad I didn't sign up for the Open

Originally Posted by Ron Reed (Post 1221849)
The point that I was trying to get across was that I cannot do DU's therefore the Open is not for me. My opinion is that the Average Crossfitter cannot do DU's. I base that opinion only on what I have seen with my own eyes. The Crossfit workouts that I have seen that have included DU's that were performed by normal everyday people were scaled and those people performed singles. Mikko has a lot of money riding on whether or not he can do DU's. The average Crossfitter does not. I simply do not have time to perfect my DU's therefore when those are called on in a workout, I do singles. Does that mean I will never be a Crossfitter because I can't do this basic movement as you call it? I think we have a difference of opinion on what a "basic" and an "advanced" movement is. I don't do Crossfit for glitz and glamour. I don't do it to compete with other people. I know that there are plenty of people out there that think I'm wasting my time doing Crossfit if I don't want those things. I disagree. I am not trying to be argumentative. Again, this is just my opinion.

My problem is not with your point that the Open isn't for you, but it is the fact that you said "I simply do not have time to perfect my doubles." You're telling me you can't spent 5 minutes, maybe 10 on them pre or post workout? I never do more than 5-10 minutes of them, only on days that I go to my box, and I went from none to getting through 3 rounds in the open (I've been CFing for 2 months).

I totally get that you weren't thrilled with 14.1, I wasn't either. I wanted something that I could smash. But saying you don't have time to get doubles is not an excuse, it is one of the few ultra basic moves that you can practice at home with next to no cost. Things like air squat, push-up, doubles and running all are very basic and can be done at home. I totally get not being able to do a power snatch, not everyone has a bar or the strength to do that, however anyone can run around and jump over a rope.

Big upside is now doubles are out of the bag.. Maybe we get that clean ladder Mark is looking for...

Bobbie Sage 03-02-2014 07:32 PM

Re: Pretty glad I didn't sign up for the Open
The Open is a test of fitness. If something comes up that you are not good at or did not want to see, then you have a hole in your game. It's not about making sure you have a number that "looks good". $20 to scare the crap out of me all week and to have to get out from under the covers and face my monsters under my bed is a heck of a deal. Many of my first time Open athletes were very upset too when they saw the DU's but after they fought through getting one at a time or their first stretch of them, they all said they were so glad they entered the Open.

Mark Fowler 03-03-2014 03:41 AM

Re: Pretty glad I didn't sign up for the Open
I will admit, I was annoyed when I saw DUs in 14.1. Especially when I realised I couldnt scale them for singles.

I am at the stage where I hit 1 out of 3 of the DUs I go for, but only after doing 2 single skips to get going.
So I knew DUs would have a massive impact on my score for 14.1.
But the desire to be involved, and the spirit in the box when we did 14.1 yesterday was great, so I knuckled down and did it.

My plan was 2 singles, hit the DU. Reset. So the DUs took a hell of a long time, but I knew I could bash out each set of the ground to overhead as single sets of 15, so hopefully that would claw back time. Dumb strength would be my saving grace to compensate for my lack of DU technique!

My genuine goal was to get one complete round in. In the end I completed 2 rounds and an additional 18 DUs. So I was absolutely over the moon!
And Im going to work DUs every single day now until I have them dialled.

Matt Payne 03-03-2014 05:54 AM

Re: Pretty glad I didn't sign up for the Open
I did 14.1. If I am lucky I can string 3 DU's together but mostly 1-2. The snatches were super easy from a weight perspective but I only got 3 rounds total due to my poor DU. It can be done if you have the will even 1 DU at a time. :)

I think is was a fair workout even if you had to do one DU at a time. Which I believe most Crossfitters can do .

Greg Warren 03-03-2014 06:32 AM

Re: Pretty glad I didn't sign up for the Open
My double unders are crap. Plain and simple. My goal was to finish three total rounds, but I knew there was a real chance with how bad my DUs were that I may only get through one round (if I was lucky). But within 5 minutes of the 14.1 live stream concluding, I pulled my car out of the garage and spent an hour working on double unders, because I knew that the next day I was doing 14.1 at noon. After I finished for the first time and scored 149, I worked on them some more, because I knew I wanted to do it again and that I could do better. The second time, my score improved by 23 more reps, due to extra time put in on the double unders.

I was surprised it wasn't as inclusive as some previous workouts from the past, but if this is the worst it gets, then I'm pretty happy with that. I've seen so many people who didn't have their DUs whip themselves like mad just to get them this weekend, and be elated with their scores. Put in the extra time and work, and you'll be able to get them. You will thank yourself once you have them.

Jason Newland 03-03-2014 08:05 AM

Re: Pretty glad I didn't sign up for the Open
I keep seeing posts like this, and it seems a bit...whiney. It isn't like you didn't know that DU's were a possibility. They are one of the basic CF movements. And before you ask - I can do maybe 5-7 in a row. Then I trip up and have to start again. Would that stop me from trying? No. Because a low score is better than a score of zero. They didn't surprise everyone and schedule weighted 1-armed muscle-ups. They repeated a basic workout from a few years ago.

Not wanting to have done the Open is one thing, but don't blame it on the workouts. We had one guy at our gym who had to do 5 singles for every double. And he pushed through the entire 10 minutes and finished it.

I'll step off my soap box now... :D

Kristian Skarsfeldt 03-03-2014 08:13 AM

Re: Pretty glad I didn't sign up for the Open
I saw this post on FB the other day. I wish all with approach the Open like "Phillip"!


I'm soo proud of a guy today. A guy who would hold the door open for you, help you out, smile and welcome you into a room full of strangers. He's also a guy who was not your ideal candidate for signing up for a worldwide fitness competition. A lot of people are nervous to do this "CrossFit Open" because they think you have to be good to do it... well, not Phillip. In a workout where the top score is around 450 reps, and the average CrossFitter is getting around 250 reps... Phil got 3. And those 3 were well earned.

The workout was 10 minutes long. The first movement was 30 double unders. This is with a jump rope. You have to jump and spin the rope under your feet twice for it to count as 1 rep. The second movement wasnt anything Phil was even worried about getting to. He knew the 10 minute workout was, for him, "practice" on a movement he couldnt do. For most, that would result in quitting. Not Phil. Not today.

And so it went...3,2,1, GO...For ten minutes he smiled and practiced diligently for those 3 reps, while his judge Katie cheer him the entire time. Never even making it to his loaded 75lb barbell, he never showed disappointment, frustration or a loss of pride. This was the best part of my day. I'm proud of every member of CrossFit Rampage that steps up to see how far they can push themselves in this years CrossFit Open, but I am proud of noone today more than Phil. He is an inspiration.

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