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Alex Burden 08-09-2018 12:35 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Thursday morning and really tired today. Thunder storms last night that woke us up, so we lost some sleep.. :o this won't stop us working out though.

Plan - get back into lifting

Warm up
Rower for 4min
losts of PVC pipe work
extensive mobility warm up to prepare for what was to come.

Back to lifting - Snatch
So the plan is to get back into lifting as we have not done any for 7 weeks!! Before the start i put a CAP on the weight we were both able to lift. For the wife the bar was never to exceed 20kgs/44lbs and myself 50kgs/110lbs.

So the reason for this is that we were to work on technique, get back into the feel of things, ensure we could hit the bottom and top positions with no restrictions once we were completing full snatches.

Started off with the PVC pipe - slow snatches from the hips and i mean really slow. get the body and muscle memory going.

Snatch balance with the PVC - super slow, full control, checking all positions. Speed this up gradually between reps.

Barbell out - some speed work from the shoulder to the OH position and gradually start snatch balances again and get lower and lower between reps until we could reach full bottom position.

Very light squats just a few reps with the bar to ensure hips and glutes are activated and that we drive with our heels.

Hang power snatch with the barbell - gradually getting lower and lower between reps until we hit bottom - hang power squat snatch.

All in all 35min for this. During this time we had a good indication of what would be possible today and how far would could take things.

Every lift was executed as if it was a PR lift. Repition over and over again. Ensure we get the body into the correct start position each time ready for that initial first pull.

Over time we both became more fluid and things we getting really good and stable. Wife kept her bar at 15kgs and i took mine to 50kgs. We would take turns in lifting so that we could watch each other and look for things but this also meant you were forced to rest and let the brain think about other things.

As for the wife i saw 2 things today 1- shoulders were not back in the starting position and 2- in the bottom position she was on her toe/front of her feet and her heels were 4-5mm off the ground. Part 1 was easy to fix that did not take long. Part 2 was a little more to work on.

To fix part 2 the heels issue, i made her snatch balance a few times to see if she was stable at the bottom but i noticed she was very quick to stand up. I got her to go back and keep snatching but i wanted her to stop in the hole and hold that position for 3-4 seconds. over 5-10 reps she gradually put more and more weight on her heels. So the 10 or so reps afterwards i made her do the same thing but this time she had to drive with her heels which meant she was not leaning forward. The bar position changed/moved 5cm/2" backwards and when she drove the bar up she activated her glutes and hammies a lot more. She has had an issue with her hip flexor and i think this is why. She has been leaning towards the front of her foot and driving the bar up with her quads and hip more that her glutes and hammies.

When we were done with this she landed so much better on her heels and she even said that it was getting easier and easier which is very positive. We will keep working on these things the coming months.

As for myself, very pleased with today. 50kgs was flying up and i became more and more stable in the movement for every rep. No big problems today.

all in all 50min on this

Posterior chain
- to finish things off we did some resistance band work on the posterior chain. This felt great once we were done. The wife was very pleased with how things were after this.

Cool Down
Clean up and stretch for 20min

what a great day today :)

Alex Burden 08-10-2018 12:45 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Friday morning, feeling a little tired but we both slept really well. Took a good 30min to wake up properly. Very hot last night 23 degrees and very humid

Good day to start our partner workouts and share the load :)

Warm up
5min on the rower
PVC pipe shoulder work
light warm up and stretch

at the same time warm up for wat was to come.

Partner day

Together in total complete:

150 cal Ski erg

at the same time complete

25 sledge pulls 15m/50ft (wife start 40kg/88lbs, myself 60kgs/132lbs) +5kg/10lbs after every 2nd pull

While one of us was on the ski erg the other would pull a sledge. The wife's sledge start weight was 40kgs and after every 2nd length she would add 5 kgs, i did the same with my sledge but started at 60kgs. We would rotate after 2 lengths. Last round i had to pull 3 lengths.

Time to complete 150 cal ski erg = 14:46, total time to complete 22:18

Rest 5 min

Continuous 5min plank hold

at the same time

Row for total meters no straps

3,2,1 go the wife started the plank hold and i started rowing. The wife would hold as long as she wanted and tell me when she was going to hold for another 10 seconds. I would jump off the rower and get in the plank position next to her before she could stop the hold and jump on the rower and we continued to rotate like this until we timed out. In the beginning before we started we did not think much of the plank hold but boy it sucked and it was tough.

Total meters = 931

Rest 5 min

Wall walk into HS hold/ Box hold

10/20/30/40/30/20/10 second holds

rest as needed between each walk and hold

Cool down
a good stretch for 20min and a lot of sweating

a great end to the week.

Alex Burden 08-13-2018 12:27 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Monday morning and a little tired. We spent the whole weekend as a Crossfit comp with our friend that was part of a 4man team... They did really well and came 5th of 19 teams.

Plan for today - nothing complicated 21-15-9

Warm up
1km on the rower
PVC pipe work
extensive warm up with the movement to come and a light stretch.

21-15-9 but in a different way :)

Deadlift 45/85kgs
T2B/high knees

Wall balls 6/10kg
Box jumps 20/24"
S2O strict 20/45kg

1 arm framers walk OH 12/28kg kettlebell (15m/50ft)
Du/Su 25/50

No rush at all today, just do the work unbroken and keep moving. A good allrounder.

Cool Down
clean up and stretch for 20min

Alex Burden 08-14-2018 12:20 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Tuesday morning and feeling quite good, we both slept really heavy last night as we were both quite tired. Wife was in a good mood this morning :D

Last night i came up with a plan. long, short, long

Warm up
60 cal on the rower
pipe work
extensive warm up with the first movement
plus get a feeling for what was to come later.

In total i would say 35min

Plan - Long
12 min
to achieve a 1RM power snatch

Rest - set up barbell, wife went first and then i went. max 2min before wife did her 1min

Plan - short
1min AMRAP
50% of your 1RM weight

Wife 1RM = 20, 22, 24, 25, 27, 28, 30, 31kgs/68lbs :pepper: PR
Wife 1min AMRAP 15kgs = 20reps

Myself 1RM = 50, 55, 60, 65, 67, 69kgs/152lbs :kicking0: PR
Myself 1min AMRAP 35kgs = 26reps

This was a lot of fun and we both really enjoyed it. The wife's 31kg power snatch was 6kgs/13lbs better than her squat snatch PR, which she is not aware of at this time as i am writing this blog. My 69kgs was my best ever power snatch which is 91% of my 1rm snatch, so i am very pleased with that.

The 1 min AMRAP was short and sweet, just keep hold of the bar and rip it. This is something we both need to work on.

Plan - Long
20 min AMRAP - partner WOD

10 KB swings @ 12/24kgs (26/53lbs)
10 sit ups
10 DB goblet squats 20/30kgs (44/66lbs)
2 rope climbs/holds

@ same time

Row for meters

Result = 9 rounds + 30
Result = 4111meters

Wife started on the rower and i completed a full round and then we rotated. The worst part was the goblet squats, we actually looked forward to resting on the rower on this one. This was a tough one but worth it.

Cool down
clean up, sweat a lot and stretch for 20min.

Alex Burden 08-16-2018 12:29 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Thursday morning and feeling quite good. We have been sleeping really well the past week and this may be due to the fact that it is colder now.

Plan for today - "Get to grips with it"

Warm up
80 cal on the rower
pipe work
light stretch and prepare and set up for the first part.

Plan - part 1

4 rounds - rest 2min between rounds
15 box step overs with 12/24kg KBs (26/53lbs) 20/24"

Times: wife = 11.57, myself 12.47

This was something new and was really quite tough. The wife rested less than me and kept a good flow. I planned my rest based on what was happening with my lungs.

Plan - part 2
1,1,2,2,3,3,4,4... until failure

Assisted pull ups (wife), Close grip pull ups (with close grip row bar)

Wife - completed round of 7+6 (34reps)
Myself - completed round of 7+7 (35reps)

Tough one this as the grip is now start to play its part. Wife had 3 no reps on her final round.

Plan - part 3

EMOM until failure
T2B/K2C start with 6 reps + 1 reps every minute

Wife - completed round of 15+14 (119reps)
Myself - completed round of 10+8 (48reps)

The wife blew me out of the park on this one... amazing

Plan - part 4
Bar holds 5x20 seconds

Put a barbell in the rack fixed to the wall. Grab the bar with both hands in a close grip and lean back as in ring pulls/rows. release one hand and hold that body position for 10 seconds (shoulder parallel to bar). regrip and change hands.

This was hard as this really took the last bit out of the grip.

Cool down
Clean up and stretch for 20mins

Alex Burden 08-17-2018 12:26 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Friday morning and boy was it humid last night. We both slept well but we were tired this morning.

Plan for today - Capacity for a short time

Warm up
1km on the rower
light jog 20 lengths of gym
pipe work
get those lats and upper body going for what was to come
light stretch and get the legs going.


Ski erg for calories - 1min on/1min off + 1cal/min

First we had to create a baseline (a starting point) so we set our machines up how we wanted and then completed 1min in a nice and easy pace. The total cals was our baseline. Every round you have to hit the cal count. If you complete the count within the minute to get to reast more.

Wife = 8 cals
Myself = 12 cals

Wife - 8, 9, 10, 11, 10, - , 11, 11cals
Myself - 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 18, 20cals

This is the first time the wife got mad at herself in while. She really wanted to complete the round of 12 cals but just fell short... boy she was ****ed. She then took a break for 1 round and hit 11.... ****ed again because she was 1 second short/half a pull away.... she went for it again and oh no... ****ed again but even concluded this is something she needs to work on.

As for myself i was quite pleased and just missed the 19cal target. I had the drag factor set a little to low on that round. Increased it and hit 20 cals in 53 seconds. I also need to work on this as it is great for the lungs.

We then proceeded to work with resistance band for the posterior chain.
12 sets of 8 reps.

Cool down

20min stretch

Nice end to the week :)

Alex Burden 08-20-2018 12:21 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Monday morning and some what tired. Not much happned over the weekend, i moved 2 tonnes of paving stones for our driveway and set them in place so i was a little tired in my lower back. Took the wife a good 20min to wake up this morning, she walked around the kitchen like a zombie for a while.

Plan for today - partner

Warm up
one of us rowed while the other jogged 30 lengths of the gym and then we swapped places.
Some pipe work
light mobility and start to set up and warm up with what was to come.

All in all a good 30min

Together complete in total the following:

5km row

but 2 same time we must complete

500 Du/Su
100 Air squats
100 Burpees
100 medball ground to o shoulder 10/20kgs
5000kg Dead lift (50kgs/wife and 80kgs for myself)
3000kg S2O (20kgs/wife and 40kgs for myself)

Row - 25.36
total time - 40.21

We previously did this workout 1 years ago and all i saved was the row time which was 29:16, i forgot to write down the total time. We were pleased that we beat the row time by 3 minutes.

When we were done with the row we had reached 90 medball G2 O/S. Then it was to try and keep moving but it was hard for a Monday.

At the end we were both pleased with the results and the load sharing was quite good all the way through.

Cool Down
Clean up our mess and hit the rower for 5min nice and light.
Sweat a lot and stretch for 20min.

great start to the week

Alex Burden 08-21-2018 12:29 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Tuesday morning and we were both quite tired. Both a little sore here and there after yesterday but that was to be expected.

Plan for today - Snatch

Warm up
50 cal row
Extensive warm up to prepare for the snatch.
All in all 35-40min before we started to full snatch.

Keep things tight and make sure the technique is good.

The wife was tired this morning so i told her she can take the weight and reps as far as she likes. Do not take any risk and never save a bad lift.
The wife kept the weight low today as she felt a little scared she said, basically this was down to being tired. I told her to pause at the bottom so that she was on her heels plus also hit some power snatches and snatch balance to build that confidence she needed.Over the course of an hour things got better and better.

I keep telling her to trust herself and that she is really good at what she does. Her techinque is amazing and she can catch the bar in the hole with ease. I just need to get her mind in the right place.

Wife: snatch
15kgs/33lbs x 6
16kgs x 5
17kgs x 4
18kgs x 4
19kgs/42lbs x 3

I had no expectations of my capacity today and didn't really have a plan. I just went with the flow. Once i got going i felt really good, the lifts felt tight and sharp at the low weight but kept there even when i increased the weight. I was catching the bar in the hole and had no trouble driving it up. The wife and a friend that ohly lifts with us would watch my lifts when he was resting. His feedback early was that things were looking good.

40kgs/88lbs x 5
50kgs x 5
60kgs x 4
65kgs x 1
68kgs x 1
71kgs x 1
74kgs x 1
77kgs/169lbs x 1 NEW PR :pepper: by 1kg/2lbs
80kgs F but a really good attempt

As time moved on i felt good and even when i got above 70kgs things felt great so i thought i would take this as far as i could. Solid lifts at 71,74 and 77kgs was sweet. 80kgs i was almost there but let the bar go. very pleased with today.

Cool down
Clean up and stretch for 15-20min

:kicking0::kicking0: great day and only 2 weeks back from our vacation

Alex Burden 08-22-2018 12:39 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
So the normal plan is rest on Wednesday's for the first few weeks but something came up for the wife so we hit the gym today and may rest tomorrow instead... it all depends..

Plan - Lungs

Warm up
30 lengths of the gym jog (600m)
pipe work
light mobility and stretch

set up what was to come and test everything to get the heart going

All in all 25-30min


For time

Row - 1000/7500m (no foot straps)
Ski - 200/150m (no hand/wrist straps)

Row - 800/600m
Ski - 400/300m

Row - 600/450m
Ski - 600/450m

Row - 400/300m
Ski - 800/600m

Row - 200/150m
Ski - 1000/750m

Wife = 26.00 (2.25km + 2.25km)
myself = 27:31 (3km + 3km)

So we previously did this 9 months ago and the wife finished in 26.42 and myself in 29.00. This was a great improvement as we knew this was a tough one. The wife got ahead on the first row by 10 seconds or so and kept ahead on the change overs throughout. This also made me more determined to try and keep this distance to a minimum.

What did we take from this.... the gym needs to service the damn machines more but most important we need to hit the ski more often. The wife told me that the last 750 on the ski she really concentrated on her technique and the flow/pacing which she found really helped. She commented that her final 750m was the best.
For myself i already know i need to build up my aerobic capacity, this is a step in the right direction.

To finish it all off:
8x8 reps back extensions
6x10 shoulder retraction over kettlebells
6x5 rear delt pulses

Cool down
Stretch and sweat for 25min

Alex Burden 08-24-2018 12:39 AM

Re: Its me and it's her (the wife)
Friday morning and a little tired but otherwise both us us were feeling great. Took the wife 20min to wake up... i know this as she was quiet at first whereas i am on the go strait away.

Plan - repeat of something old

Warm up
30 lengths of gym jog
Row and set up rower for what was to come
Pipe work
It was a good idea to warm up a little with the second part of today.


3 min - Row for calories
Wife - 45
Myself - 67

Rest as needed

3 min - Wallballs 6/9kgs + Du/Su
Wife Rep count (SU) = 5/20, 10/40, 15/60, 20/80 and so on..
myself Rep count (DU) = 5/10, 10/20, 15/30, 20/40 and so on..

Wife - 170
Myself - 105

Rest as needed

3 min - Deadlift 60/35kgs + Kettlebell swings 20/12kgs
Rep count = 1/1, 2/2, 3/3, 4/4, 5/5 .........

Wife - 7+12 = 68
Myself - 7+15 = 71

Rest as needed

3 min - S2O 30/15kgs + run lengths of gym (15m per length)
Rep count = 2/2, 4/4, 6/6, 8/8 ..........

Wife - 8 = 40
Myself - 8+11 = 51

So how did it go???
Row = this went well, we set the drag to 125/130 and let it rip. went 85% for 2min and went to 95 and 100 for the final 30 seconds. We both beat our previous bests by a lot.

WB + Du/Su = wife slipped up in her final round of Su's but still beat her best scores. I messed up 3 times in my final Du set and lost time but equaled my previous best

DL & KB swings = wife best her previous best by a lot and i was 4 reps short

S2O & run = full on 100% no waiting around, we both beat our best scores.

We were both very pleased today and we went 100% of course... we both want to beat each other.

Cool Down
clean up and stretch for 20min

Great end to the week... well almost the best part of the week.

Turn 49 on Saterday and the best part is the chockolate cake i alway get :)

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