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Shawn M Wilson 09-15-2013 08:36 AM

After Ablation of Heart and Cardioversion
So I have A-Fib (irregular heart beat) which is a family genetic defect. Dad has it, grandpa had it, and I have had it since age 26.

A little over a month ago my dr had me wear a monitor because for about 4-5 months my heart was racing and I was tired all the time.

During the 24 hour monitoring process I hit 280 BPM when working out and 315 BPM while driving down the road.

Needless to say he wanted to fix this as quickly as possible and we scheduled a cat scan and setup the date for me to have my procedure done.

Thursday 9/12 I went in and while they were doing the Ablation they noticed my heart went into A-Fib big time and they ended up doing a LOT more of my heart than they had anticipated. They even ended up doing a cardioversion (stopping/restarting of heart).

So fast forward a few days I'm still sore (chest feels like vs a normal softball size heart, i have a soccerball size heart due to inflammation).

I'm slowly walking some, and stretching a little but not able to do mass amounts of anything for a week or two.

Was wondering if anyone else out here has had this done and their time frame they saw from after it and being back to normal.

I am hoping that my HR will be 'normal' and that my cardio levels will be better because I easily hit 200+ after 4-5 mins of anything.

Greg Spaight 09-15-2013 10:48 AM

Re: After Ablation of Heart and Cardioversion
Holy crap - 315? That is insane - glad they were able to do something and hope you have a quick and full recovery.

Will Seavey 09-17-2013 03:26 PM

Re: After Ablation of Heart and Cardioversion

I am not a cardiologist but work with a cardiology practice as a pharmacist. I don't have access to an electrophysiologist right now, but this seems a worse than the average ablation. I would give the cardiology office a call tomorrow and tell them the amount of pain your are having. If it gets really bad or you have a hard time breathing go to an ER. Pericarditis can happen after an ablation, but it can be severe and cause more heart problems. Pericarditis can also be treated with medication (typically high dose NSAIDs).

I don't think you'll run into long term pain, but keep in mind, a fib ablations don't always work. You DON'T want your heart rate running that high regularly so keep a close eye on everything. Good luck!

Shawn M Wilson 09-17-2013 07:35 PM

Re: After Ablation of Heart and Cardioversion
Thanks for advice Will

Talked to mine and he said it would be about a month before we really knew how it all worked out due to what all he did.

I'm feeling better now. Been taking small walks, doing some shoulder rehab and even did a few light Presses.

Mainly focusing on mobility as staying on my back for so many days made me tight and sore.

Breathing getting better as lungs are working out the fluid/junk from being on back also.

Its getting beter, just taking time :)

Im excited and hoping that it works and I will not experience the fluttering or racing anymore.

Still planning on only light work/cardio for a few weeks and then ramping up if i feel better slowly.

Shawn M Wilson 09-22-2013 08:10 PM

Re: After Ablation of Heart and Cardioversion
Feeling better and breathing better.

Did a workout Friday 1rm Split jerk. Put up 245 and almost had 275 (i jumped big cuz im like 285 max when fully healthy)

Stopped at that.

Any cardio is still hard... breathing atm is biggest thing. Got most of fluid out of lungs now.

1 more week and I'm supposedly clear to go back all the way but I'll still scale stuff for a few weeks to make sure.

Michael V. Erickson 09-24-2013 07:18 PM

Re: After Ablation of Heart and Cardioversion
Hey Shawn, I've had two ablations, one last year, the second one this year in May. I know I'm a few decades older than you (I'm 65) but I'm still stunned that you're jerking 245 one week after the procedure. I notice you're a couple hundred miles from Austin, did Dr. Andrea Natale do your procedure? I asked him about lifting weights, he told me not to lift heavy, something about stretching the atria not being good. I walk every day, do push-ups, pull-ups and swings w/ the 16kg KB. If I push it I get palpitations and I'm very tired at the end of the day. I have no other issues or heart disease, just had the afib which they couldn't explain why, just bad luck. You amaze me, great spirit keeping at it. I hear some people after the ablation have no more issues and after a couple of years forget they even had the problem. I hope that's you. Best of luck.

Shawn M Wilson 09-25-2013 09:12 AM

Re: After Ablation of Heart and Cardioversion

Well he was surprised (Dr Simms) when I told him what 'working out' meant to me as he does mainly 60+ year olds.

I maxed out before 285/295 so the 245 wasn't tough but the 275 felt heavy and I was just slow.

Hardest part is still getting a big breath and the constant small coughs.

I squated today and hit 385x3 (was a 3rep max day). Could have maybe gone for 395 (probably not 405 but ive done that 2x) Felt fine except again the holding breath was hard.

No palpatations that I can say of as of yet. I have watched my cardio since that is what has triggered it most. Will start back modified metcons next week and see how it goes (1.5 weeks out now).

Hope it goes well for you with yours!

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