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Val Gilbert 11-22-2005 11:05 AM

Hi everybody. I discovered crossfit a couple weeks ago, and it looks really great! My friend and I are planning on starting it next week. Previously, we had been lifting weights in the gym, doing compound, and also some isolation exercises.

When we started going to the gym a couple months ago, my friend hurt his wrist doing the bench press. When he does exercises like the military press or bench press, he gets a pain running from about an inch below his pinky knuckle to two or three inches below the wrist. To deal with this, we had just avoided exercises that caused the pain, substituting things like dumbell bench press for barbell bench press. He is able to do most exercises fine, including dips, dead lifts, pull ups and squats, and his wrist doesn't bother him at all when it's just being used normally throughout the day.

Yesterday, we went to the gym to acquaint ourselves with the push press, and just holding the bar in a racked position hurt his wrist. Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be and what can be done about it? I'm guessing it's been unwise of him to continue going to the gym while his wrist bothered him. Thanks very much for any advice you can offer.

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